This 23-Year-Old From Madrid Has the Best Style on Instagram

To claim that someone has "the best style on Instagram" is an ambitious one, but there's no shortage of inspiration to be had when it comes to Maria Bernad. The 23-year-old Madrid native has cultivated the kind of playfully retro style that feels equally as nostalgic as it does "now". Whether she's styling the retro Dior Saddle bag that's virtually sold out or a playful head-to-toe yellow outfit, there's not a single post of hers that we don't instantly save to our private Instagram collection. We're also constantly fascinated by her ability to wear the most unexpected colors combinations—think bright teal and neon orange—in ways that shouldn't work well but mysteriously do.

She has an eye for uncovering the vintage finds that have once again come back into style, showing off pieces like beaded bags before the rest of the world catches wind of the "vintage" trend. What's more is that she's turned her knack for discovering Insta-worthy vintage pieces into a full-on business. Bernad's own boutique, Les Fleurs, sells the vintage must-haves curated by Maria herself. Aka it's the closest you can get to shopping from her own closet. As an early adopter of these "about to break" trends, Maria readily shows off how she's infusing them into her rotation of quirky retro outfits.

So let us reiterate—who wouldn't want to follow someone who's showing off what's cool right now? Ahead, read our Q&A with this Spanish fashion girl and shop the pieces you need to re-create her best retro outfits. If you're not already following Maria, you'll probably want to after this story.

You have a unique personal style. Where do you look to for inspiration?

I'm always looking for inspiration. I get inspiration by looking at art, going to museums to get inspired by color palettes, seeing new collections, or watching inspiring vintage films. But I think one of the main ways I have to inspire myself is by going back in time either with a movie or with a 17th-century painting.

Is there any trend you'd never try?

Camouflage prints, definitely.

You're always an early adopter of retro trends. Which are your favorite right now?

I'm totally into hair clips—they're so funny and colorful—I always like to play with accessories, and this retro 2000s trend is one of my favorites. Another accessory I'm in love with is shell pendants. On the other hand, I'm loving transparent fabrics like organza for blouses and dresses; it's a very feminine fabric. Also, satin blouses in colors like lilac or green are always a crush.

Which are the essential pieces in your closet?

It's very funny because I have many "essential pieces". But I think the most important are an oversize beige blazer, Tweezer's pants, and a satin shirt in some funky color like maybe orange or lilac.

Where do you shop for unique vintage pieces?

I'm always walking around vintage markets. They are my favorite places to go vintage shopping. I travel a lot because of my job, and it's a good chance to go check out these markets.

How did you get the idea to start Les Fleurs, your online vintage boutique?

The idea started with my passion for vintage fashion and my belief in the multiple lives of clothes and pieces with good quality. Being able to share the pieces I find with people who also have this passion for vintage is also a plus for me. As I said, I'm always looking at markets from many places and looking to hunt special pieces for Les Fleurs.

What do you look for when vintage shopping?

At first, I look at fabrics and colors. It is very important for me the composition of the fabrics because they influence the quality of the garment. I'm looking for special garments that are different but at the same time have good quality.

What are your top tips for wearing vintage clothing?

I think the best advice to use vintage fashion is to mix it with your clothes and play with it. You don't have to wear an entire vintage outfit; you can combine it with new pieces.

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