6 Fashion Items Everyone Is Renting (Yes, Renting)

Fashion items everyone is renting


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In case you haven't heard, there's been a lot of buzz lately about the growing number of people who'd rather rent their clothes than buy them. Not only is it sustainable, but it also allows shoppers to always have something new to look forward to wearing. At the leader of this rentable-clothing movement is Rent the Runway, which was founded a decade ago and continues to come up with new, innovative ways to make renting more appealing to fashion-minded people. For example, last year, the company started setting up drop boxes in WeWork locations, and it just announced that it's partnering with designer brands (i.e. Prabal Gurung, Derek Lam, and Jason Wu) to launch a collection of exclusive pieces. There is also a variety of different subscription plans that customers can sign up for according to their wardrobe needs, with the most popular and flexible being Rent the Runway Unlimited. (Unlimited includes more high-end designer brands and all of your rentals are included in the $159/month membership fee, so you don't have to pay per piece.)

Naturally, all of this buzz had us fashion editors wondering what exactly people are renting right now. To find out, we went straight to the source: Rent the Runway Senior Buying Director James Newell and Style Director Blaire Walsh. They filled us in on the six fashion items that everyone wants to rent right now.

Keep scrolling for their insight and to rent the trends they name (and shop them, in case you love them enough to own).

The Rent the Runway Trend: Statement Coats

"This season has been all about novelty outerwear on RTR. At least in NY, your coat is the main way you visually communicate who you are. Our subscribers love mixing up this staple weekly." — James Newell

Price is to rent for four days.

The Rent the Runway Trend: Plaid

"Loving how designers have taken the classic plaid pattern to the next level. It's a great alternative to your basic black work sheath." — Blaire Walsh

The Rent the Runway Trend: Non-Basic Puffer Coats

"The utilitarian puffer was remixed by almost every designer this season. As soon as the cold weather hit, almost every coat went into our subscribers' closets." — Newell

Price is to rent for four days.

The Rent the Runway Trend: Work Dresses With Flair

"Our customer is a go-getter, which means any time of the year, something chic for the office is always a hit." — Newell

Price is to rent for four days.

The Rent the Runway Trend: Denim

"Shopping for denim can be painful. Our customer loves having over 200 styles of denim to choose from in her dream closet (aka RTR). She can effortlessly discover the brands and the styles that fit her and that make her feel amazing." — Newell

Price is to rent for four days.

The Rent the Runway Trend: Mini Bag With a Punch

"Leave your laptop bag at home because it's all about a mini. Gushing over all our colorful handheld mini bags to jazz up a work or weekend look." — Walsh

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