The Internet Was Intimidated by This Mascara Wand—Our Editors Can't Get Enough

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Welcome to Internet Famous, a monthly series in which we ask our Instagram followers to vote on a viral beauty product that's taken social media by storm. Then the beauty team will take the winning pick for a spin and share their reviews—pictures included.

I would like to go on record and say that my standards for mascara rival my standards for a relationship. Yep, they're that high. I'm looking for lift, tint, curl, no clumps, easy removal—basically an entire eye transformation in a few coats. That sounds like a lot to expect from a small tube, but not when Refy's Lash Sculpt Lengthen and Lift Mascara ($24) exists.

This mascara has the internet in a frenzy, and the curved wand is to blame for that. The wand is designed to curve right around your eye, catching every lash and lifting directly from the root. Does the curved applicator look a bit unconventional and maybe a little scary? Sure, but when have we ever shied away from an innovative product? This formula is infused with nourishing ingredients that strengthen the lashes while giving them a healthy shine. You probably know Refy for its iconic brow sculpt, which has everyone saying, "OMG, you're brows look so good!" Leave it to Refy to create a beauty product that's, in the brand's words, "more than a mascara" and introduce an innovative applicator to the market for everyone to weigh in on. My fellow editors and I had to put our two cents in for you below. Keep reading to hear our honest opinions on this viral launch.

Anneliese Henderson, Senior Fashion Editor, Branded Content

Editor Applying Refy Mascara

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"No, you don't understand—I'm obsessed. My biggest qualm with mascara is that it doesn't coat all of my lashes and leaves them looking clumpy. But this hits every lash. And the lift! I didn't even take out my curler. And after a full day of wear, there wasn't a single smudge under my eyes. I will be using this daily and telling everyone I know about it."

Emma Hughes, Social Media Editor

Editor Applying Refy Mascara

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"I'm not going to lie—I was skeptical of this mascara. The new wand shape seemed intimidating, and I thought it would require a huge learning curve. I decided to try the mascara without looking up any reviews or first reactions, and I was shocked by how easy it was to use and how good the results were. The wand shape is genius—it separates each lash, including the inner and outer lashes that tend to get left out or clumpy. I went from 'I probably won't like this' to 'I'm going to use this every day' in just one use."

Caitie Bellamy, Group Executive Director, Branded Content and Beauty

Editor Applying Refy Mascara

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"Okay, I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I do. The lengthening effect is pretty substantial, but my lashes still look natural. I didn't experience any clumping or raccoon eyes by the end of the day, and my eyes weren't irritated at all. (They often are after I try a new mascara.) But man, it took me a while to get used to the wand. It's so curved and a little awkward, so I needed a Q-tip to remove the product from my lid. It's a price I'm willing to pay to get lashes like this."

Aniyah Morinia, Editor, Branded Content

Editor Applying Refy Mascara

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"I haven't been this excited about a mascara launch in such a long time! I'm all for beauty innovation, and this mascara delivered. My lashes are naturally curled, but sometimes they look straight-up nonexistent without mascara. I got the most natural lift and tint from this gray little tube. The curved wand was scary at first but perfectly cupped all my lashes while giving incredible lift. My inner lashes are always neglected, but this wand didn't miss a single hair. If you're like me and your goals are length and lift, this is perfect for you. I've already kicked my old mascara to the curb and started wearing this every day. Sorry, not sorry."

Natalie Gray Herder, Fashion Editor, Branded Content

Editor Applying Refy Mascara

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"Okay, lift! Immediately upon application, my lashes were separated and lengthened to the heavens. I have blonde, short lashes that tend to stick straight out, but with the help of a curler and this mascara, the result speaks for itself. My only note is that it doesn't deposit as much product onto my lashes as I would normally like without clumping. I think this is a great daytime mascara, but I would opt for a more voluminous formula on a night out."

Emma Walsh, Associate Beauty Editor, Branded Content

Editor Applying Refy Mascara

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"Being the mascara lover I am, I was giddy at the thought of trying this new launch. But I'm not going to lie: This mascara intimidated me. I mean, look at the wand! Although it took me a second to get the hang of it, I was genuinely shocked at the incredible lift, all-day hold, and buildable volume this gave me. I feel like it made my lashes reach their full potential. It's a new favorite for me."

Shawna Hudson, Associate Beauty Editor

Editor Applying Refy Mascara

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"I've been keeping my makeup super simple these days, and this mascara gives your lashes just enough lift without clumping or looking unnatural. I really liked the length this mascara offers, but the brush takes some maneuvering and getting used to. I also tried this out with a lash primer, and I felt like it didn't totally coat my lashes and cover the white color of the primer. Honestly, if I figure out how to get this brush to work for me, I think I'll end up really liking this formula. It doesn't disappoint in the length and lift departments, but the brush was the only hang-up for me."

Aniyah Morinia
Associate Branded Content Editor
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