16 Perfect Red-and-White Outfits That Scream Summer

Can you name a stronger color combination than red and white? We'll wait. Couldn't think of one? That's because the classic pairing always looks fresh and fun (and of course, it immediately brings thoughts of picnics on the beach and festive summertime holidays to mind, and who doesn't want to be reminded of that?) Now while white naturally pairs well with any and every hue imaginable—from black to lime green—there's something about a bold crimson skirt, for example, paired with a crisp white tee that's simply eye-catching. Not yet convinced that a red-and-white summer outfit should be in your current rotation? You'll certainly think otherwise once you've seen the below ensembles.

It came as no surprise to us that our current Instagram feeds were flooded with fashion girls rocking the aforementioned hues, proving that the color duo is having a major moment (as it does every summer). From a fiery ruby dress look grounded with a pair of white cowboy boots to a classic ruby red shorts–and–white tee pairing, these are the best red-and-white outfits of the summer.

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