Find Out Which Top Bloggers Are Getting Their Own Reality Show

We're actually surprised this hasn't happened 'til now: five bloggers have been selected to appear in a reality show detailing every behind-the-scenes aspect of their fabulous lives. Considering the enormous popularity of bloggers the world over—and their incredible impact on the fashion world at large—this seems like it should have happened ages ago.

But it's happening now, and we'd be lying if we said we weren't excited. The Style Network has commissioned the show, appropriately titled Fashion Bloggers, which will follow the lives of five Australia-based bloggers. According to the television news blog Pedestrianthe show will follow the ladies around at chic fashion events du jour—including the soon-occuring fashion madhouse that is New York Fashion Week. Filming starts in September; no word yet on when this masterpiece will air.

Scroll down to find out which five bloggers have been chosen!