The In-the-Know Brand That Is Going to be Big in 2022

It was a single coat by Swedish fashion label Rave Review that first caught the attention of the Who What Wear editors back in 2019. Coming in a traditional plaid check in rich autumnal hues of red, yellow and green, we were struck by its originality that somehow felt both nostalgic and innovative—and that was before we knew it had been made out of old blankets. We couldn't quite believe that anything that chic could have been upcycled. Oh how wrong we were.


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Founded by Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück in 2016, Rave Review made its debut at Paris Fashion Week in Spring 2018. It quickly won-over the fashion elite with its bold patchworked designs and radical production methods that saw pieces crafted out of deadstock fabrics (including bed sheets, blankets and scarves) and second-hand clothes. While the brand's plaid blanket coats have become a signature, each collection is eclectic is its own unique way, and you can expect everything from retro florals mashed-up with tartan, to photographic Sci-Fi prints pasted onto trench coats. Unsurprisingly, despite its relative youth, the brand has collected a variety of industry awards, including the Changer Award from the Swedish Fashion Council and the H&M and Elle Newcomer Award. It was also a semifinalist for the famed LVMH Prize in 2020.


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With many of the designs pieced together with disparate, mis-matched fabrics, the creation process and, in turn, the final effect, has an almost couture-like quality, with the designers often turning to home textiles to achieve a more distinctive finish. Original details, such as blanket fringing, are often embraced and seamlessly integrated into the final product. 

"All the blanket coats, for example; we design every single piece of them, [putting this] blanket together with this one for this particular coat. It changes the context.", Bergqvist told British Vogue. "A lot of the textiles I wouldn’t have in my home, they’re kind of ugly. It’s amazing how you can transform them.” 


(Image credit: @veronikaheilbrunner)

While Rave Review remains a lesser-known name in the mainstream fashion market, it continues to spread its sustainable message and expand its reach within the industry's most influential circles. Trust me, once you've seen one of the brand's pieces on one Instagram feed, you'll start to see them everywhere. One thing's for sure: This is a fashion name to watch for 2022. Scroll down to see how our favourite influencers have been wearing the brand, plus shop Rave Review's latest designs.


(Image credit: @blancamiro)

Blanca Miro's floral-and-check dress was part of Net-a-Porter's exclusive collaboration with the brand. A sign of good things to come.


(Image credit: @alwaysjudging)

Ok, I think this is the best outfit i've seen in a while. The check skirts makes for a perfect eclectic counterpoint to the printed top. 


(Image credit: @double3xposure)

Another piece from Net-a-Porter's collaboration, but this time it's a very cute mini dress. I love how it's styled here with loafers. 


(Image credit: @prosenkilde)

One of Rave Review's iconic blanket coats, as seen on Pernille Rosenkilde. All it needs it chunky boots and colourful sunnies.


(Image credit: @maria_bernad)

A great example of the brand's ability to create something sculptural out of random bits of fabric. This mini dress looks great over flared jeans.


(Image credit: @marianne_theodorsen)

If you want to embrace Rave Review full-blown fashion extraversion, make like Marianne Theodorsen and throw-on a print clash co-ord.

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