I Have a Feeling This Affordable Skincare Brand Will Take Off in 2021

As a beauty editor, I’m quite saddened to admit that it’s very rare that a new skincare brand genuinely impresses me. You know those irritations and stresses you feel as a consumer about skincare brands being too confusing and overpromising? Trust me when I tell you that we beauty editors feel exactly the same. The truth is, even if a brand has all of the money in the world to throw at marketing, as we become more and more demanding when it comes to our skin products, if the formula doesn’t cut the mustard, the hype is likely going to fizzle out.

However, every now and again, a newcomer totally nails it. The most notable and recent example is Drunk Elephant. Sure, when the brand launched in the UK a couple of years ago, the poppy, colourful products were all over feeds, but that obsession didn’t go anywhere. Three years on and it’s safe to say that, thanks to seriously efficacious formulas, Drunk Elephant has properly secured its spot as one of the most popular skincare brands around. And after three years, I think it’s about time we’re due a new up-and-comer, don’t you? Enter, PSA Skin.


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For months now, I have been praying for a new beauty brand that ticks all of the boxes the 2021 beauty lover requires—something that doesn’t break the bank, that looks good on Insta grids, that is easy to shop, that helps to educate the consumer, and, most importantly, that actually works. And it would appear that just as my patience began wearing thin, the beauty gods delivered. PSA Skin is basically all of the above and then some.

From the same people who brought us Allies of Skin, a super-premium (but quite excellent) skincare brand that beauty buffs just can’t seem to get enough of right now, PSA Skin champions ingredients that really do what they say. It’s science-led skincare at its absolute finest. Unlike its pricey sister brand, PSA products won’t break the bank, either.


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Comprising just six products, the brand has taken a simple but efficacious approach. All too aware that the market is saturated and confusing enough, PSA keeps things clear, concise, and foolproof. Not only are the products labelled with numbered steps so you know exactly what order to apply them in, but they also clearly outline on the packaging the key active ingredients, what results they promise, and simple-to-follow instructions. It’s great skincare made easy.

Much like Drunk Elephant, PSA products are formulated without a bunch of skin-damaging ingredients commonly found in mass-market formulas. With no silicones, sulfates, drying alcohol, mineral oil, chemical screens, essential oils, or synthetic dyes and fragrances, PSA is basically a dream for those with sensitive skin. But that’s not to say the products don’t pack a punch, too. The active ingredients mean business. From acids to vitamin C, the products make your skin work, so don’t just dive straight in without any thought.


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On top of all of that, PSA also has the environment at the heart of its values and not in a greenwashing sort of way (something I think a huge number of brands should learn from). All of the products are fully recyclable, the packaging material for any pouches is biodegradable, boxes are printed with recycled paper and sustainable ink, and the brand ensures neither it nor its vendors use virgin forest materials. And it's all cruelty-free.

The cherry on the cake? It looks good on the shelf—like really good. The products are bright and colourful enough to make anyone want to grab them and slather the contents over their face. In all honesty, after using PSA products for a little over a month now, I’ve been left asking myself the question, How has this new brand made everything look so easy? My sensitive, breakout-prone skin has been clear, glowing, and remarkably easy to deal with. If you ask me, PSA is setting the standard for how skincare in 2021 should look.

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