Why These Designers Are Champions of the LGBTQ+ Community

Pride Month is a wonderfully expressive time for fashion. With the multitude of Pride marches going on around the country this month, it's time to break out the shiniest, brightest pieces imaginable. Rainbow stripes, sequins, and glitter are all in order to celebrate with the LGBTQ+ community. But while June is high time to celebrate inclusivity, we're jumping for joy to highlight those in the fashion industry who treat every month like Pride Month. These designers and brands continue to move this sometimes archaic industry forward by actively making space for everyone, and they deserve to be dutifully celebrated.

Fashion's understanding of gender identity and sexuality has certainly come a long way, so it's exciting to finally see luxury houses like Burberry making this community more visible than ever. But there's an even lower number of designers who are going deeper and making inclusivity a top priority both inside and outside their businesses. These are the names we feel are important allies. Sure, we could feature the designers who we think are the best champions of this community, but we wanted to hear from you, our in-the-know readers, instead.

We asked, and you answered. You introduced us to the designers who you see as being strong allies to the LGBTQ+ community, highlighting what they're doing and why it means something to you. Naturally, we were teeming with excitement to discover some of these under-the-radar names. Like the brand Palomo coming out of Spain which features an abundant use of androgynous models that we hope will set a new standard for gender representation. Plus, its colorful, psychedelic prints are just downright fun. And then there's the NYC-based Gypsy Sport, which our readers adore for its frequent risk-taking and unabashedly authentic ethos.

Go on to discover why our readers feel that these designers are champions of the LGBTQ+ community.