Join Our Pride Month Celebration

Pride casting call to be featured on Who What Wear


Spencer Grant/Getty Images

As much as we hate to say it again, we are living in unprecedented times—and while some may be grieving the changes in the world and how this year’s Pride celebrations have been upended, at Who What Wear, we understand that true Pride isn't just a colorful parade.

Pride Month traces its origins to the Stonewall riots in New York City, during which LGBTQ+ citizens got fed up with being harassed and wrongly persecuted by the police and took to the streets in protest. As we celebrate Pride in 2020 during the same time that the world has coalesced to march in the streets for Black lives, it’s more important than ever to honor the history and lives that have made Pride Month possible. With this in mind, we're inviting our readers to contribute to a special Pride Month project. 

Fashion has always been part of equality movements, and in addition to supporting LGBTQ+ brands, we want to take time this month to highlight readers (like you) who want to share their favorite Pride moments of years past. We are asking readers to email us a photo of their favorite Pride memory that they would like to share with the greater Who What Wear community. This photo will be included in a video compilation and run alongside your individual message in the final edit. 

Does this celebration sound like something you’d want to be a part of? We hope so!

Keep reading for our submission requirements and be sure to send your submission to by June 14, 2020. 

What to include in your submission:

When you email us your submission, be sure to include the following: 

-Your full name
-Your preferred pronouns 
-Your social media handles
-A digital photo of your stylish Pride moment
-A short video clip filmed vertically of you introducing yourself and talking about the memory captured in the photo
-Additional clips and photos for B-roll

What your video should include:

It’s important to us that your submission feels authentic to you and the story you want to tell. To help guide you through it, we’ve outlined talking points to cover below. (Our video with Jane Fonda, wherein she uses photos to guide storytelling and takeaways around her activism, may also be a helpful reference point.)

Your video talking points should include the following (if applicable): 

-Introduce yourself and share any information you want viewers to know about you.
-When was this photo taken?
-Where was this photo taken?
-Tell us what’s happening in the photo (situational context).
-What is the significance of this moment to you?
-Does what you are wearing hold any significance? If so, why?
-How did you choose this outfit?
-How did you choose this beauty look?
-Do you still have these pieces?

Additional clips for B-roll:

Please send us any video footage that corresponds to the photo you’ve chosen (e.g., marching, dancing, or any fun videos you may have to further illustrate the significance of this moment for you). This will be used as B-roll that plays during the audio of several video submissions.

Before you email your submission:



Before you email us your files, be sure to: 

-Ensure video clips are 90 seconds or less.
-Please let us know if there are any identities that need to be protected/obscured in the files you send our way.

Email your submission to by June 14 2020. 

Keep in mind it is up to editorial discretion if your submitted content will be included in the final project.