Preppy School-Girl Shoes Are Trending—17 Pairs to Help You Catch the Vibe

Whether you went to preppy private school or not, there were certain pairs of shoes that still to this day you immediately associate with elementary and high-school uniforms. The shoes I am referring to include Mary Janes, T-bar shoes, brogues, oxfords, and a few iconic others. It seems that fashion girls have taken a particular liking to these nostalgic shoe trends this season and naturally, the ways they have been styling said shoes are legendary in and of itself. 

Ahead, I have rounded up my personal favorite pairs of preppy school girl shoes that are both practical and stylish and included some inspiring Instagram imagery along the way. You'll notice that when it comes to nailing this fall shoe trend, white ankle socks, pleated miniskirts, and a few other key pieces are a must, so keep scrolling to find out more. 

This preppy shoe trend is not styled in any way that you're used to. Take this casual athleisure look as a perfect example. 

Lean into this prep-school movement by way of pleated miniskirts, ankle socks, and the shoes to match. 

Surely you'll see a few pairs of shoe in here that you literally wore back in the day, but there are also some fresh updates to the classics you're used to like these extra-chunky soles. 

Can you ever really go wrong with shoes from Dr. Martens? No, you can't. 

From the cardigan to the miniskirt to the classic shoes, this look is perfection. 

In case you haven't noticed, it's the stark-white ankle socks that really help these preppy school-girl shoes pop. 

Update your favorite pair of denim with this striking shoe trend. Once again, little white socks make all the difference. 

It doesn't get much simpler or much cuter than this look. 

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