Data Says These Are the Most Visited Shopping Sites in Australia

We're always looking to learn more about the way women shop. We know what day you like to shop, and even what the most popular shoes sold on The Iconic were last year. What we didn't know, until now, is what shopping sites are the most-visited in Australia.

We jumped on email with CupoNation—a website devoted to sourcing the best shopping deals and savings online—who recently ran an independent review on the most visited women's lifestyle shopping websites in the country.

To be honest, the results weren't overly surprising. ASOS tops the list, followed by The ICONIC. And if our office serves as a general average, we'd have to agree with the findings, based on how many packages from the aforementioned brands we receive each day.

Keep scrolling to discover the 10 most visited women's lifestyle shopping websites in Australia. 

Opening image: Style Du Monde

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