The 6 Jewelry Brands All Fashion Girls Will Be Wearing Come Fall

Unpopular opinion: Summer fashion is better than fall fashion—hear me out. Yes, fall provides chic layering opportunities that allow for unique styling of several diverse pieces. In contrast, the summer mantra is "less is more" as scorching heat calls for minimalism and optimizing skin exposure. This paring down of the essentials creates a need for innovation, for doing more with less. Bright colors, bold patterns, matching sets, and an anything-goes mentality make for some serious summer street style. The true differentiating factor between summer and fall fashion, however, is the accessories.

While a fashion girl may invest in a singular classic fall It bag, she is likely to have a multitude of cheaper fashion bags to rotate through in the summer. Similarly, fall jewelry is often significantly comprised of gold pieces—gold hoops, layered gold necklaces, perhaps a gold Cartier Love Bracelet. In summer, the name of the game is experimentation, and our favorite influencers are wearing everything from cherry earrings to puka shell anklets.

This season, a few popular jewelry brands have emerged as the go-tos for anyone looking to elevate their outfit, and it is my humble opinion that this year, the creativity and ingenuity will continue with fashion girls wearing pieces from these brands far past summer and straight into fall. Scroll through to find the six popular jewelry brands that are already all over your Instagram feed and perhaps experiment a little yourself.

The Last Line

The Last Line is the fine jewelry you dream of at a price you can afford. Whether it be the perfect tennis bracelet or a safety pin fashioned as an earring, each piece is inundated with colorful gemstones in rainbow hues that make a statement. This jewelry is made for layering—just check out founder Shelley Sanders's ears for proof.

Though made in Germany, the pieces from Wald Berlin make you feel as if you've traveled the world, collecting and curating your jewelry collection throughout. Whether you're laying on a beach in Bali or heading to your office in DTLA, its latest collection, Paris Addis Adeba, looks like it walked straight out of a '90s summer and onto every influencer's neck in 2019. 


Rooted in spirituality and exotic destinations, Shashi is the jewelry of my summer dreams. At its extremely affordable price point, I can fulfill every accessory whim and desire I have this season without breaking the bank. Plus, their pieces are designed and handcrafted in New York, which means it's like I'm taking a little piece of home with me on all my upcoming travels. 

Mercedes Salazar

Mercedes Salazar is a true gem (pun intended), as her jewelry is designed, inspired and produced by local native artisans in Colombia. With collections bearing names like Across the Universe and Shamanic Flight, Mercedes Salazar is an authentically beautiful tribute to Colombian culture and heritage.

Gorjana is designed in, and inspired by, Laguna Beach—and you can certainly tell. With boho-chic vibes, these pieces are perfect for stacking and layering amongst your current collection. Take a quick scroll through your IG feed and you will quickly begin to recognize Gorjana's organic shapes on your favorite fashion girls. 

Martha Calvo

Martha Calvo's pieces add the perfect balance of edgy elegance to street chic sophistication, making any accessory that can be worn for any occasion, day or night. The collection can be found on celebrities, influencers and fashion girls alike—including my own neck, if I'm being honest.