The Staples Fashion Girls From New York and L.A. Can't Stop Wearing

Constantly switching out seasonal clothes is enough of a headache (sorry, but I'd rather use that time to watch Netflix and eat plates of pasta), so when I can find pieces that work all year round, I'm fully on board. Not only does it make economical sense, but it's also much more rewarding to be able to rely on my favorite staples that work beyond seasons and spikes in temperature. This means clothing that feels relevant in a variety of settings, such as casual get-togethers and office events—varying time zones included. In that vein, I've been looking at the pieces stylish people from both New York and L.A. are wearing right now. To my surprise, both tribes are gravitating toward the same things.

Right now in New York, it's a rainy 50-something degrees. Meanwhile, three time zones away in sunny L.A., people have yet to break out a real coat in the dry heat. On the subject of versatility, there's really no better testament to an item's seasonless appeal than the fact that it could be worn on both coasts—at the same time. For a full report of the finds that seem to work in any circumstance, keep scrolling ahead.

Amaya Vest & Norah Trousers

For the holy-grail trend this season, look no further than the vest suit. The combination has bubbled so big that almost every designer and brand have released their own takes on it, but I have to give props to our very own version. From the loose but not too baggy trousers to the perfectly tailored top, it's a set you'll want to wear over and over again. Need the proof? Just look at how New Yorkers and Los Angelenos alike have been wearing it nonstop.


How the New York set is wearing it…
(Image credit: @veneti.a)


How the L.A. set is wearing it…
(Image credit: @shhtephs)


Carmen Pants & Frances Shirt

What's not to love about a coordinating set? The styling is already done for you, but if you choose to jazz it up, a simple tank underneath or a sweater-vest layered over is all you need. 


How the New York set is wearing it…
(Image credit: @brooklynngallagher)


How the L.A. set is wearing it…
(Image credit: @jordanrisa)


Charlotte Cropped Cardigan & Natalie Tank

We love pairings around here. Can't you tell? As an owner of this cropped-cardigan-and-knit-tank set, I can attest to its ability to keep you warm when a serious chill sets in. When the mercury rises, the tank alone works as an elevated basic.


How the New York set is wearing it…
(Image credit: @chanellemarie___)


How the L.A. set is wearing it…
(Image credit: @c__bellamy)


Sasha Bodysuit

Bodysuits come in clutch when you need to look put-together in five seconds flat. This one features a keyhole cutout that hints at the subtlest amount of flesh. Whether you're facing 30-degree days or warm winters, it's a wardrobe solution that carries its weight in versatility. 


How the New York set is wearing it…
(Image credit: @Fashionwithjazz)


How the L.A. set is wearing it…
(Image credit: @angelafink)


Eli Faux Leather Trousers

Faux-leather pants are my ideal fall staple, and according to the evidence, other fashion people hold the same thought. The material isn't so heavy that you'll swelter in the sun, and when paired with sweaters, it's the ultimate cool-season 'fit.


How the New York set is wearing it…
(Image credit: @lefevrediary)


How the L.A. set is wearing it…
(Image credit: @discodaydream)


Annelise Top

Guaranteed you'll always have a use for a fitted knit top. Consider it an amped-up, going out–ready version of a bulky sweater, and yes, it'll look good with all your skirts, pants, jeans, and everything in between.


How the New York set is wearing it…
(Image credit: @nataliemirchuk)


How the L.A. set is wearing it…
(Image credit: @katcollings)

Bri Blazer & Lila Trousers

We're back again to crisp combos, and this olive-green suit has been making the rounds among the stylish women of both coasts. Add a tailored coat once winter sets in, or finish it out with vibrant accessories to embrace some sunny fall flavor.


How the New York set is wearing it…
(Image credit: @thelanguageofyolande)


How the L.A. set is wearing it…
(Image credit: @laurenegg)


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