This Underwear Trend Won't Be Sticking Around Past 2018

Underwear is one of the items we all wear but don’t talk as much about—at least not compared to things like shoes or bags. Believe it or not, though, underwear actually goes through the same trend cycles as those other fashion items, so hey, let’s not neglect the negligée drawer. We should get down to it and talk about what’s in and out.

We went straight to the lingerie expert behind Tommy John, which just launched a women’s underwear line in April, to fill us in on the one underwear trend that’s on the decline and won’t make it past 2018, along with the style people are wearing more of right now.

“By 2019, women will trade in dated, chunky lace fabrics for more technical, softer fabrics,” Tommy John co-founder Erin Fujimoto told us. “Women are demanding more innovative functionality in their underwear that leads to a more comfortable wearing experience. We are also seeing that more coverage is trending overall with the popularity of the brief and boyshort silhouettes due to the rise of denim that have higher inseams.”

We’re definitely down with this look—comfortable, functional underwear that's still stylish is absolutely more desirable than fussy styles.

Do you have more technical underwear styles in your offering? If you’re looking to add a few to keep up with this practical trend, keep scrolling to shop some of our must-have styles. Come on—you can never have too many perfect pairs of underwear, right?