The Items EVERY Curvy Girl Needs In Her Fashion Toolbox

Despite the fact that the fashion industry is starting to introduce more sizing variety, being a plus-size woman with a certain level of style still requires a little extra work—sadly, there just aren't as many chic options for plus-size women as there are for straight-size women. 

To help, we asked celebrity stylists Wayman Bannerman and Micah McDonald to share the items they think every curvy woman needs in her closet. "Shopping for plus-size women is more of a challenge because there are so many limitations," Bannerman told us. "The glory of it all is that we’re able to be creative."

See which items Wayman and Micah think every curvy woman should have in their wardrobe! Keep scrolling to find out their picks.

Violeta Geometric Print Jumpsuit ($79)

"One wardrobe element that's a must-have is the jumper," Bannerman says. "You can belt it; you can do a structured blazer over it; and it makes you look lean and long, and gives you a strong, statueseque silhouette that demands attention."

ASOS Curve Midi Skirt in Digital Check Print ($82)

"Every woman—no matter what shape or size—if you get a little good pencil skirt that pulls you in at the waist, that A-line gives you the illusion of a smaller waist," McDonald says. "You can dress it up or down. It's great."

Talbots Seasonless Wool A-Line Skirt ($109)

What items do you think all plus-size women should own? Tell us in the comments below!

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