A French Girl's Guide to Plus-Size Outfits



Whenever we chat with French model Clémentine Desseaux, we know we’re going to leave inspired. As the co-founder of All Woman Project, she’s a champion of body positivity, inclusivity, and empowering women. And you can find her everywhere from the pages of Vogue to campaigns like Levi’s and Good American. With her fresh take on fashion for curvy girls, we were curious about her styling secrets, how she masters French-girl style, and the best plus-size fall outfits.

The French-girl trick for perfecting looks for fall? It’s all about layering. She told us that layering is what she loves the most about fall fashion: “It's so exciting! I love playing with it and going from day to night smoothly.” And we’ve noticed layers are a running theme among French girls who love to tie on a scarf, add a blazer, or throw on a cozy sweater for their fall looks.

But Desseaux’s secret for picking out her outfits really comes down to fit. She explained to Who What Wear, “Fit is always the most important thing when you're curvy. It should always be the number one thing to look for.” Knowing your body and the silhouettes that work for it is truly the most important lesson to learn when mastering good style—no matter what size or shape you are.

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