The '90s Called—This Nostalgic Trouser Trend Is Back and Could Replace Leggings

Of all of the dubious '90s trends on my bingo calling card, there is one that I simply did not see coming. Yes, I own a pair of jelly sandals as an adult. Yes, I have several choker necklaces in my saved folder. And yes, I've recently stocked up on bandeau tops, but I was the first person to think twice as soon as cargo pants made a return, so you can imagine my surprise when the latest trouser trend to hit the catwalk was the even more controversial pedal-pusher. 


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We've spent the last 12 months playing with proportions switching between baggy jeans and jorts, puddle pants and micro minis, and now it's time to make a definitive decision to take, well, the middle ground, as the calf-grazing capri feels like the new length we needed to shake up our wardrobes. It makes sense after all to prepare your winter wardrobe for spring by showing (a little) skin, and listen up fans of Topshop's iconic Jamie jeans, even the Noughties bestsellers have undergone the chop and you can shop them now at capri length. 


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And "how do I style such a controversial trouser?" I hear you ask. Well, in much the same way you would your leggings. Given the ultra-slim fit and 3/4 crop, influencers are pairing jersey styles with casual basics (think baggy tees, tank tops, and oversized jackets), and on the runway you'll even find nods to Carrie Bradshaw's deconstructed dress layering, proving just how versatile the trouser really is. 


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Litkovska Spring/Summer 2024 runway.


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Sarah Jessica Parker's iconic turn as Sex and The City protagonist Carrie Bradshaw in 2004.

Should Blumarine's slightly tongue-in-cheek approach to Y2K styling not be quite what you had in mind (see below), I'm certain that the winning formula is as simple as boxy blazer + white tee + pedal pushers + kitten heel mules = an instant success, and dare I say, might just be dressy enough for the office too. So, should you be ready to rekindle a love affair with the trousers you spent your childhood wearing, keep scrolling to see the best pairs to shop now, and to see how to make them feel "grown up" in 2024. 


(Image credit: Giovanni Giannoni Courtesy Blumarine)

Blumarine Spring/Summer 2024 runway.


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