Why Pedal Pushers Are the "New" Denim Trend You Need to Try



Last month, I received a package from Closed Denim with a new pair of jeans to try out. But instead of the ever-popular skinny-jean or cropped-flare silhouettes, I was intrigued when I discovered the brand had sent over its signature “pedal pusher” cut. And when I posted a few photos on Instagram, I was immediately flooded with questions about where to get the style.

We haven’t really seen this style around for a while. In fact, the last time it was widely popular was probably back in the ’90s, as worn by J.Lo and a Spice Girls–era Victoria Beckham. But right now may mark its triumphant return. One of the curious trends that popped up on the S/S 18 runways, pedal pushers were everywhere from Jacquemus to Khaite to Maryam Nassir Zadeh. But instead of styles that invoke visions of Limited Too, this time they’re cool and tailored, and with fans like Bella Hadid helping to put them on the map, there’s no doubt others with follow suit.

Intrigued by the sudden comeback of the style, I spoke with Closed Denim co-founder Gordon Giers to find out why. Giers explained that “the pedal pusher has been due for a comeback for a couple of years now, following high rise denim and the so-called ‘mom jeans’ being very on trend. We didn’t need to develop something new to follow this. The pedal pusher has been right there in our collection for almost 40 years already.”

So if you’re looking to swap out your trusted skinny jeans for a style that we’ll be seeing everywhere next spring, now may be the time to put pedal pushers back in rotation.

Go on to shop our favorite pedal pushers, whether you want to put a denim or trouser version for a spin.