5 Trends That You'll See At Every Party This Year


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If all goes to plan, we will be making up for lost time this party season with the first office parties, New Year’s Plans and friends get togethers we’ve had since 2019. All that time in sensible clothing is making us crave sequins, feathers and all things shiny. It might feel a little early to be thinking about your December outfits, but now is in fact the best time to shop for party pieces or start reserving looks you’d like to borrow from rental sites.

Below we’ve charted five trends that we think you’ll see at every celebration this year. We have been careful to pick looks that are timeless, so you can wear them for many more Christmases to come and feel truly fabulous. December is time to have fun with your outfits, and play with texture, colour and bold accessories. For those who want a subtler take on party dressing, we recommend minimal pieces in satin fabrics, such as a slip skirt paired with a jumper, or a pair of leather trousers. Whatever your approach to party dressing, we have a feeling you’ll find at least one piece you’ll love below.

1. Feathers


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Channel your inner Harry Styles this party season, and go for an outfit that looks like it's been dipped in feathers. Brands like 16Arlington and Sleeper have made feather trims fabulous again, and these are looks that will look even better with some movement on the dance floor. 

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2. Big Earrings


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Transform a casual jeans outfit into a fabulous party look with a pair of statement earrings like Fisayo's. The general rule here is the more crystals and closer they are to your shoulders, the better. 

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3. Silky Fabrics


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For a luxurious, elegant look, you can't beat slinky satin fabrics. We particularly love how slip skirts and dresses look in jewel tones, such as reds, greens and sapphire blues. 

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4. Sequins


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You didn't think we'd write a party trend story without including sequins did you? We always want to promote trends that have longevity and sequins will always come around every December. This ASOS Design blue dress is an absolute show-stopper. 

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5. Leather Trousers


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For a more simple look, you can't beat a pair of leather trousers. We love how Abi styles hers with a rollneck and pair of embellished pumps. This will always be such a cool look. 

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Emma Spedding