6 Outdated Fall Trends We're Leaving Behind and Their Timeless Replacements


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Here at Who What Wear, we love trends. Absolutely adore them. However, I say this from a place of fashion fatigue because summer is the season in which I dapple with trends the most. Now that we’ve reached a turning point and fall is beginning, I’m really interested in taking a look at my more timeless wardrobe staples, and so are my co-workers.

When I challenged my fellow fashion editors to choose fall trends that they would prefer to exchange for more timeless replacements, they leaped at the opportunity. We’re all taking a turn toward quiet luxury, and the shopping list below is incredible. If you want to create a timeless wardrobe, the answers lie here.

Leaving Behind: Chunky-Textured Button-Front Cardigans

Buying Into: Fitted Crew-Neck Cardigans


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"This season, I am storing my chunky-textured cardis and reaching for more classic crew-neck options instead. The fitted style feels more elevated and gives me '90s minimalist vibes, which I can never get enough of."

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Leaving Behind: Pleated Miniskirts

Buying Into: Midi Styles


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"The skirts are skirting right now, and full-volume A-line styles are without a doubt the key silhouette of the season. I've been tapping into the look all year. Nonetheless, I'm excited to double down for fall with fresh styling ideas. Pleated miniskirts were fun to try, but they don't feel as sophisticated anymore now that these midi styles are in the mix."

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Leaving Behind: Block Heels

Buying Into: It-Girl Flats


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I'm so sorry to say this about block heels because they are quite practical, but right now, I'd simply prefer to wear a pair of cool flats. It seems like all of my favorite brands are pumping out great renditions of ballet flats, Mary Janes, and loafers. Even my more formal dresses are currently getting paired with simple shoes like this.

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Leaving Behind: Distressed Leather

Buying Into: Tailored Jackets


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"I've officially grown tired of the distressed-leather trend that I'll be the first to admit I (and the rest of the fashion world) was obsessed with just a year ago. Instead, I'm filling my closet with elegant, hyper-tailored jackets that look chic no matter what they're paired with, be it denim or a slip dress."

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Leaving Behind: Trendy Cutout Dresses

Buying Into: Tapered-Waist Dresses


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"This season, I’m setting aside cutout dresses that are starting to feel dated in favor of dresses (and blazers and tops for that matter!) with cinched and tapered waists. The silhouette feels fresh and of-the-moment yet has a timeless quality."

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Leaving Behind: Oversize Bomber Jackets

Buying Into: Oversize Denim Jackets


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"The oversize bomber jackets that were popular last year have really dropped off this year, and I'm fine with it. Instead, I'll be reaching for oversize denim jackets this fall. I added the Khaite Grizzo one to my closet earlier this year, and I think it's one I'll wear for years to come, as denim jackets always come back around."

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