What Olivia Palermo Says She'd Never Wear to the Airport

When it comes to celebrity airport style, Olivia Palermo is without a doubt one of the most polished in the game. Not only that, she's always appropriately dressed for long, hectic travel days (i.e. you won't find her trekking through the terminal in high heels). Which is why we were very intrigued by a recent interview that Palermo did with The Telegraph.

Palermo spilled all in the way of airport style and packing tips to the UK publication, including the one thing that she would never wear to the airport: athleisure—specifically, leggings (an off-duty-model airport essential). She says, "I save that for the gym only."

Her reason for avoiding the comfortable item? She explains, "You should be fully dressed and ready to go because you never know where your day will go." An athleisure staple that she does love is sneakers, which she says can look elegant when paired with the right pieces.

Palermo also shared that her go-to airport outfit usually consists of leather pants, a cashmere sweater, a silk or chiffon blouse, smoking flats or an elegant pair of sneakers, and always a statement coat or blazer. Keep Palermo's words of wisdom and go-to outfit in mind the next time you're planning an airport outfit—she clearly knows what she's doing. 

Keep scrolling to see one of Palermo's recent travel outfits, and shop her go-to outfit formula for yourself. 

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