These Old Pictures of Marilyn Monroe in Swimsuits Are Amazing

It’s not her birthday or any sort of Marilyn Monroe anniversary that we know about, but we don’t need such things to celebrate her influence on the fashion world. The actress continues to be a source of inspiration for style and body positivity over 50 years after her passing, and for good reason. After all, so many images of her have become completely iconic (the Seven Year Itch dress moment being one of our all-time favorites).

Because it’s summer, we dug through the Monroe archives (a fun task, indeed) and curated a stylish assortment of the icon in her best swim looks—and trust us, they weren’t in short supply. Scroll down to see the photographs, and also be sure to check out these never-before-seen images of the actress, plus this story that shows how much her old shopping receipts are selling for (it’s shocking!).