New York Fashion Week by the Numbers: 4 Fascinating Facts

New York Fashion Week is just around the corner. While most fashion girls are looking forward to seeing the breathtaking new designs and what our favorite style icons will be wearing to the shows, it’s rare we get a glimpse at statistics on fashion week. Strange, right? Luckily for us, Stylight recently published a study offering up just that. Let’s dive right in.

According to data sourced from Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Nielson Company, and more, the hashtag #NYFW was used an astronomical 31.6 million times in 2015. While we all love Instagram, this information is surprising because it’s practically 15 times the viewership. That’s right: Roughly 125,000 people attend the shows in person, and a little over 2 million indulge in live streams. So, while we know we can’t all be there IRL, we’re clearly interested in the photos.

Another interesting fact revealed by the data? On average, the amount any given designer spends on a show ranges between $200,000 and $1,000,000, and the amount they pay out for A-listers to attend their shows is reportedly up to $100,000. Yes, you read that right—that totals half the amount some designers spend on their entire NYFW production.

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What do you think of these NYFW statistics? Are they what you expected? Sound off in the comments!

Opening Image: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images