7 Beauty Trends NYC Fashion Girls Are All About Right Now

If you've kept an eye on the beauty space for even like two seconds, you'd know things are always changing. Whether it's from influencers, celebs, or household name brands, it feels like we're raving over a new product launch twice a week (I mean, I'm not mad at it, though), and between YouTube, Instagram, and now TikTok, we're never short of innovative beauty inspiration. 

Even though the new trends usually find us beauty editors rather than vice versa, sometimes, I like to seek out new trends buzzing within particular groups or regions. Take, for example, New York City. As it's a creative hub, you can imagine the makeup trends spawned from its residents are often the kind that will make you look twice. I found a plethora of color and artsy takes most wouldn't think to wear on an everyday occasion. (But in New York, you totally can, and now I will, too.) I'm personally going to be putting some of my findings to the test, and just in case you're up for the challenge, I'm sharing them with you below.


Not Your Average Liner
(Image credit: @itsheymorgan)

In general, many of the beauty trends sweeping the NYC beauty scene have something in common: focusing on a single detail and leaving the rest to a minimum. In the case of this trend, a flashy hue of eyeliner is front and center. Blue is a popular color of choice, and honestly, you can almost wear it as a neutral because, Who says you can't?


Soft Glam
(Image credit: @whatsonvisface)

ICYMI: Soft glam just may be the makeup look of all makeup looks right now. Contrary to the name, the technique still consists of a full face of makeup but typically uses neutral, monochromatic tones. The result is a "glow from within" appearance.


(Image credit: @anaasaber)

Maybe it's the anticipation of the return of Euphoria. Maybe it's creativity fueled by spending more time at home these days. Either way, incorporating rhinestones into your makeup routine is looking to be a thing again, and I'm here for it.


Eye Shadow Paintings
(Image credit: @mianne.chan)

If NYC beauty trends are telling us anything, it's to have fun. Ya know, draw on your face from time to time. 


Bold Red Lips
(Image credit: @fongminliao)

The Old Hollywood classic has made its way to Carrie Bradshaw's city. Complement your red lip with a minimal base and statement brows. 


One-Sweep Shadow
(Image credit: @himichelleli)

This is the easiest makeup trend to master, ever. The 2000s-reminiscent look requires only one eye shadow of your choice and bare skin.


Eyes on the Gloss
(Image credit: @aysha.sow)

Here's another makeup trend that feels super nostalgic. Remember in grade school when it was crucial you didn't leave the house without your generic roll-on clear lip gloss? This is like that but better.

All set? Next, you totally have to check out the cottagecore makeup trend.

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