A Note to Women, Love Christian Siriano

In honor of International Women's Day, we're launching a new series called A Note to Women, where fashion industry figures will share their personal message to women everywhere to create a supportive space for all of us to come together. Below find legendary designer Christian Siriano's note to women.


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Dear women,

To all who identify as women, I want to say this: You are marvelous. You get everything done. I am in awe of women in 2018. You have made it known that you are not decoration—you are power. You have said ME TOO and TIME'S UP. You have changed all industries for the better. When you are feeling hopeless, know that there are many of us who are there with you and who will stand with you in the streets demanding more. When you think you have no choice but to stay in a bad situation, know that there are many of us who will make sure you do not have to move on alone. When you suspect nobody cares about your life because of how you look or how you present yourself, know that I do. I see the beauty in you, and I want you to feel as valuable and as wonderful as I know you are. You may be underpaid, but that will change. You may be underappreciated, but that will change. You may be underserved, but that will change. Women of color, especially, are underestimated. But it's you who lead the fight for justice. You are strong, you are intelligent, you are determined. Women give life—women are wisdom. To women in 2018, this is just the beginning.

Christian Siriano

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