Nostalgia Is in the Air—8 Trends I'm Revisiting and 8 I'm Leaving in the Past

If you've kept up with what's new in the sartorial world, it's no secret that nostalgia has a tight grip on fashion trends today. It seems like every collection that comes down the runways has some elements of the '70s to the '90s. Designers are referencing their archival collections more than ever, like Miu Miu showcasing a modern version of its ballet flats from the 2000s in their most recent F/W 22 show. Old is gold, remember? That's not to say I don't love trends that are fresh to the fashion scene, but there's just something so fun about revisiting an old trend and styling it to fit into your modern wardrobe.

On that note, while I love taking a nostalgia trip, there are a few trends that I think I will be leaving behind me. It's not to say I still don't love and admire the trends that are getting the boot, I'm simply choosing to prioritize trends that feel truer to my personal style today. 

With that, keep reading to see which nostalgic trends I'll be wearing nonstop this year and consequently which I'm passing on.

Revisiting: Cargo Pants

Passing On: Ultra-Mini Miniskirts


(Image credit: @indyabrown)

I've been thoroughly enjoying everyone styling their tiniest miniskirts, but it's just not a practical trend for me. Cargo pants, on the other hand, are as practical as can be. They're extremely comfortable and instantly add a cool-yet-relaxed touch to any outfit.

Revisiting: Bomber Jackets

Passing On: Oversize Denim Jackets


(Image credit: @sofiamcoelho)

If there's any piece of outerwear that has been constantly on my mind, it's a bomber jacket. It's come back to the fashion scene in a more relaxed and oversize way than previous years.

Revisiting: Ballet Flats

Passing On: Floss Heels


(Image credit: @MANSURGAVRIEL)

I have to be honest: When ballet flats were big in the mid-2000s, I wanted nothing to do with them. I was on a mission to be "edgier" and I thought flats would do the opposite. Now, I'm wearing my pair of Mansur Gavriel ballet flats on a weekly basis. Sorry, floss heels! 

Revisiting: Platform Boots

Passing On: Flatforms


(Image credit: @maria_bernad)

I did try to get on board with the platforms train, but they just never looked quite right on me. Platform boots, on the other hand, I can get along with. Whenever I took a look at '80s collections, the shiny platform boots always stood out to me. I like how the modern updates are sleeker and more refined.

Revisiting: Baggy Jeans

Passing On: Low-Rise Jeans


(Image credit: @shhtephs)

I'm happy for everyone who's found happiness in the low-rise revival, but I'll be keeping my waist at a mid or high length. And when it comes to the fit, in my book, it's the baggier, the better.

Revisiting: Retro Prints

Passing On: Flared Jeans


(Image credit: @mariaalia)

I love referencing '70s fashion for its vibrant prints and colors, but I am going to have to pass on the time period's favorite silhouette: flared jeans and pants. The Pucci-esque prints, however? I'll take them. 

Revisiting: '90s Minimalism

Passing On: Y2K Layering


(Image credit: @elizagracehuber)

We've all seen the images of the Y2K red carpets involving crazy and ambitious layering, and while I do think many people can pull it off, I much prefer '90s minimalism. I've recently been upgrading my wardrobe basics and have looked to '90s era fashion starlets like Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy or Jennifer Aniston as my inspiration.

Revisiting: House Dresses

Passing On: Prairie Collars


(Image credit: @champagnemani)

I love a good dramatic collar, but I find myself looking a bit childish whenever I try one on. House dresses however are the vintage-inspired trend I'll agree with. While I may not be living in a cottage and own a little garden, I can pretend like that's the case when I put on one of these airy and soft dresses. 

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