11 Spring Trends I'm Low-Key Adding to My Cart Right Now

If you're looking to tap into some of the coolest spring trends that are set to take over for the season ahead, I have some great shopping finds to share with you. But I haven't mentioned the best part yet, which is that you can find all of them at Nordstrom's latest sale. While they might be tricky to uncover on your own with over fifteen thousand marked-down items to scroll through, I've done the work for you and rounded up all of my essentials buys here.

Yep, you'll find everything from major trends on the S/S 21 runways like second-skin tops and bubblegum pink to pieces that are gaining lots of traction right now among the fashion set on Instagram like plissé pleats and baggy jeans. One thing I know is that all of these pieces are destined to go quickly, so I'd recommend checking these out before they hit the sellout list.

Sleeveless Turtlenecks

Basic turtlenecks are an all-around great staple, but right now we're especially seeing sleeveless versions take off. I'm a dedicated personal fan, so you can bet that I'm adding some new versions to my cart.

Upsized Blazers

Ugh, if there was one piece I could tell everyone to buy, this would be it. I had reservations where I first added an upsized blazer to my closet, but now it's one piece I simply can't imagine not having.

Second-Skin Tops

Cool, printed second-skin turtlenecks are one of the best possible pieces to wear right now as a layering item and as a solo top as we head into spring.

Knit Polos

Chic, polished, and easy, knit polos are a major staple in my closet that I recommend to everyone.

Plissé Pleats

A rising trend that gets unanimous love from Who What Wear editors? Anything with plissé pleats. The pieces instantly read as luxe but are also super comfy to wear.

Since I've been wearing basics so much recently, I can't get enough of the reinvented versions that have been popping up. From shoulder pad details to fun takes on neutrals, these are some I'm eyeing.

Knit Dresses

Knits in every form are a popular trend at the moment but long knit dresses are a standout. A cozy yet sophisticated wardrobe essential, there are plenty of cool versions in the Nordstrom sale.

Relaxed Jeans

I love denim and comfortable pieces, so you better believe that the relaxed-jeans trend is one that I'm very excited about.

Bubblegum Pink

The color of the season is undeniable. Get ready for plenty of fun bubblegum pink hues to add a punch to any outfit.

Super micro miniskirts were one of the standout silhouettes on the S/S 21 runways, and I'm predicting that they'll be a favorite among the fashion set in no time at all.

Slouchy Suiting

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