I'm Texting My Friends These Epic Nordstrom Sale Finds So They Don't Miss Out



It’s the holidays. Many people have put their laptops and phones aside, are cooking up a storm, binging Christmas movies, or just straight up relaxing. You’d be forgiven if your sale radar has gone offline. That’s where I come in. It’s Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale, and believe me, this is not one to be missed. I’ve already promised to text my friends the best deals so they don’t miss out, and I figured I’d share my finds here, too. After scanning a whopping 50 pages of sale items, I’ve concluded the boots selection is superiorthere’s everything from croc-embossed boots in a rich chocolate color to the sleekest black booties I’ve seen in a long time. And if you’re not in the market for footwear, there are some incredible jewelry picks (this sleek chain necklace would look at home on any fashion girl’s neck), loungewear, and sweaters galore, too. Take a peek below, and snap up your favorite sale items on the double, so you can get back to grazing on that cookie platter.

Cream is the chicest color for sweaters, if you ask me.

Walkable and wearable, yet special and stylish.

The subtle stripes of neon make this scarf feel especially current.

Wearing this over your sweatshirt is a simple way to elevate your entire look.

I interrupt the fashion finds to share this pretty item for the kitchen; the stylized silicone trivet is the perfect place to set any hot pots and pans.

Loafers are lit this season. All the chicest girls are wearing them.

Anybody I know who owns Beyond Yoga pants, loves their Beyond Yoga pants, like enough to bring them up in conversation regularly.

The shape of this sweater makes it a stand out pick.

What can I say, I just really like these a lot. 

I'll never have enough cream sweaters. The special sleeves on this one caught my eye.

A solid bodysuit for under $10? Yes, ma'am!

The epitome of a winter boot. The shearling feels like an apt choice for frigid weather. 

You can always count on Everlane for excellent basics.

I want to burrow into this quilted coat, like immediately.

For when your bike shorts start to feel too constricting.

I feel like this chain would be universally beloved in any fashion crowd.

We're at around 10 months into wearing masks, why not shake it up with a fun patterned pick?

These are practically perfect in every way. I love these as an alternative to Uggs.

I know we're likely not in a swimsuit shopping mood, but I had to share this wear-forever pick. The crinkled stretchy material and timeless cut make it a no brainer. You'll thank yourself come summer.

In case you want something a little sparkly for NYE.

This color is more eye-catching than black, yet completely wearable. 

A wine bottle opener that you'll want to keep out.

I love this combination of a sculptural gold hoop with a pretty pearl.

In case your white sneakers are a little less than white.

A sweet little camisole is a closet staple.

This crossbody bag is a functional no-brainer that comes in a bevy of pretty colors.

Comfy pants are an expanding category in my wardrobe. These will be the the newest addition to my closet.

I would love to wear these now, and can see myself in them at age 70, too. 

While black and brown boots are an easy choice, don't these warm white shoes make your heart sing? Hopefully it's not just me!

Nanushka, everything you make is perfectly lovely, including this luxe jumpsuit. 

Easy dresses like this will certainly have a low cost-per-wear.

Everyone loves a layered jewelry look, and this one with two built-in chains takes out all the guesswork. And while we'll always love gold, sometimes silver feels like a cool-girl, refreshing alternative.

Te back of this dress is definitely worth the click. 

I'm sold on the sole of this slide. Say that five times fast! 

Next up, the chicest Nordstrom items that will be popular in 2021.