NYC and L.A. Girls Wear These 5 Pieces Very Differently

I’m coming up on my first anniversary of living in New York City (I was in Los Angeles prior to moving here), and after experiencing all four seasons cycle through, I can say with confidence that the way women dress in these two major cities is indeed quite different. Truth to be told, I used to find the whole debate about West Coast versus East Coast sort of competitive and unnecessary, but now with this fresh perspective, I feel like I have a deeper appreciation for both.

Let it be said, however, that trying to encompass an entire metropolitan area with one sweeping style synopsis is nonsensical. After all, women who live in Silver Lake dress far differently than those beachside gals in Venice, and Brooklynites construct outfits unlike someone who lives on the Upper East Side. So how do you compare the two? For me, it’s all about the staples. How do they work a leather jacket into their getup? What type of pieces do they pair with a sundress? It all comes down to these small details that make up a larger thing we like to call personal style.

On the subject, I turned to bloggers in both cities for illustrations of this contrasting coastal style. Scroll down to see how women like Julie Sariñana and Natalie Suarez wear everything from blue jeans to bomber jackets, and find out if your vibe is more L.A. or NYC.

Blue jeans are practically mandatory on the West Coast, and usually paired with equally laid-back favorites like cozy sweaters and walkable sandals.

Blue jeans in New York are often seen paired with polished separates, like blazers and pumps.

Bomber jackets play nicely with the aforementioned California mainstay: denim.

Bomber jackets aren’t considered a weekend-only item in the city. Nay—we wear them with everything from pleated skirts to tailored trousers.

Leather jackets in L.A. are a great third piece for draping over your shoulders.

Leather jackets in NYC are like second skin.

Sundresses in L.A. can be spotted styled with straw hats and cute chunky sandals.


Leandra Medine via Style Du Monde

Sundresses in NYC are commonly accessorized with sneakers since everyone is on foot.

T-shirts on the West Coast seemingly always have a somewhat classic approach to their styling.

T-shirts in the city accompany work staples like midi skirts and high heels. 

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