The Most Gorgeous Shoes at New York Fashion Week

It's always interesting to see what NYFW attendees will wear to the F/W shows, given that they fall in the dead of winter. This year, faced with frigid temperatures, snow, and rain, outfit planning has undoubtedly been a challenge, especially when it comes to footwear. While some attendees have opted for more sensible shoes, i.e. sturdy boots and sneakers, others haven't let the inclement weather get in the way of their Gucci open-toe mules. Keep scrolling to see the most gorgeous footwear from the week thus far, and to shop our selection of shoes inspired by the streets of NYFW!


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On Pernille Teisbæk: Gucci Metallic Leather Pumps (£530).


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On Jessica Minkoff: Louis Vuitton boots.


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Who: Kate Foley

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On Solange Knowles: Gucci Metallic Crossover Sandals (£380).


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Who: Chriselle Lim


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Shop: Gucci Crossover Leather Sandals (£680)


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On our editorial director, Kat Collings: Dior boots.


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Chanel boots


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Gucci shoes


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Louis Vuitton boots

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Shop NYFW-inspired shoes:

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What pair of shoes do you have your eye on this season? Maybe you'll be pleased to know platforms are back?

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