5 Late-Summer Trends You Might Have Missed

Fall is right around the corner. The calendar says it, and so does our recent trend coverage. By midsummer, current seasonal trends begin to feel irrelevant as we gear up for the season ahead, but in reality, there is still an entire half of summer left. So for once, instead of always looking ahead, we are going to take some more time to be present as we soak up every last trend summer 2020 has to offer. 

In case you, like many others, have officially fixated on everything that's on the rise for fall, there might be a few new summertime trends that you still have time to wear. From the latest version of a matching set to the swimsuits of your dreams, take one last stroll through the summer trend cycle, and enjoy the bountiful shopping selection along the way. 

Fancy Swimwear

Fancy swimwear has been gracing our feeds more than usual. Including bikinis adorned with pearl straps and unusually sophisticated silhouettes, these swimsuits almost look too pretty to wear in the water. While this swim trend is bubbling now, it's also one you can wear for seasons to come, so no, it's not too late to make a purchase. 



Retro Prints

Fashion girls have been doing everything in their power to make the most of their newfound time at home, and according to their Instagrams, that includes wearing a lot of loud retro prints. These vintage-inspired prints will bring a smile to your face every time you chose to wear them. 



Gaping Dresses 

Cutout dresses are officially the naked dress of 2020, and we are expecting the trend to continue well into fall. These gaping cutouts make even the simplest dress styles feel exciting, forward, and just the right amount of revealing. 





Crazy Checks

Checkerboard is a pattern that has felt "cool" for decades now, but this summer, the kitschy motif went a tad wild with contrasting colors, warped patterns, and more. 



Hats That Match

Statement-making bucket hats have been circulating the scene for most of the summer, but ones that match your outfit to a T are the next best thing. From minidresses to matching sets, an identical bucket hat is the key to a trendy late-summer look.