I'm Bored of Everything I Own But These 25 Items Are Actually Getting Me Excited

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Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one Who What Wear team member or friend of the brand will share the top 25 finds on their current wish list.

I have written many shopping stories in my life (and spent way too much money on items in said stories). Yes, I think it's fun to shop, but I'm only human and get bored of what I buy and own. Like right now. I'm bored with a capital B. I'm not just talking about my clothes, either. I'm talking about everything. Maybe it's because the hours are bleeding together, and I hardly know what day it is anymore, and even though I have the time to curate fun outfits and makeup looks based on what I have hanging in my closet or displayed on my vanity, I just, you know, don't really want to. Every time I make my way to my closet, my mind just goes blank. Nothing is giving me butterflies—not even my feather-trim pants!

Let me tell you: Nothing is worse than feeling like you've exhausted your enthusiasm for something as simple as getting ready. So I did what any other editor would do: (Online) window shopped for hours until I felt something. All it took was half a Saturday and these 25 stylish items to actually get me excited again. From makeup and skincare to tops and accessories, keep scrolling for these feel-good items that are definitely worth your attention.

I can never turn down a good cardigan, especially when it's the perfect vehicle for styling a top with an oversize collar. 

I basically haven't worn jeans in a year, and these are the first pair that has me eager to swap my elastic waistbands for a button closure.

It's a lipstick! It's a balm! It's a hyaluronic-infused lippie! 

The shape and color of this bag make me exceptionally happy. That is all. 

If chocolates that help improve my skin's moisture, texture, and elasticity with a plant-based collagen boost don't get me excited, nothing will. 

Wedding band or not, this is the perfect everyday ring if you ask me. 

I love a good skin tool, and this massage roller imitates the deep kneading motions of aestheticians, so I obviously need to give it a go.

Do I need to be a headband gal? I think I need to be a headband gal. 

Is it just me or is this face mask giving off major Bottega vibes?

White jeans are always chic, but wide-leg, cropped white jeans? They are on a whole other level. 

I'm kind of ready to swap my round Ray-Bans for a pair that'll mentally transport me to somewhere far, far away. 

Classic, cool, and comfortable—does anything else matter in a dress?

Second-skin tops are my favorite, so you can only imagine my excitement when I found this fresh take. I'm very into the cut. And print!

A flat moment made extra special with a hook-fastening anklet. The perfect shoe for life at home? I think so.

You know what made me smile? Finding a pair of elevated, comfy pants that aren't sweats or jeans. Yup, these. 

I just got this pullover, and it's one of the softest pieces I own, so obviously, a wrap-style in another one of Alo's cozy fabrics is a chic no-brainer. 

Maybe what's been missing from my routine is a healthy super powder to help boost mental clarity and energy? I'll report back.

This might just be the chicest top I've ever seen. 

I could use a little extra sparkle right now. In fact, I think we all could.

Dresses (and sunshine) will pull me out of this winter slump. 

The thing I love most about a good bodysuit is not having to deal with any bunchiness. Everything always just looks sleek and smooth. 

I love gold chains around my neck and apparently around my purses now, too!

I'm hoping that focusing more on myself, like relaxing with a refreshing-smelling candle, will help make me feel more inspired and less bored day to day. 

The thought of never having to deal with another blemish again makes me giddy. I'm not saying that this new SkinCeuticals product (which you can pre-order now through tomorrow!) can make that happen, but it sure will help. It's a vitamin C antioxidant serum with silymarin and ferulic acid, which basically provides environmental protection for oily and blemish-prone skin, reduces oiliness, refines skin texture, and visibly improves skin clarity and fine lines. I just got my hands on a bottle, and I have a feeling this launch is going to be big. If you want in on some, SkinStore is offering 15% off SkinCeuticals until February 27. Just use code SKINC15 at checkout.

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