35 New Nordstrom Finds That Moved Me to My Core


@alyssainthecity; STYLING: AFRM top

I've said it once, and I'll say it again—I'm a really good Nordstrom shopper. I don't have a lot of patience, generally speaking, but when it comes to sifting through the nearly endless pages of products on the retailer's site, I have come to find it rather soothing. My best advice and secret to staying on top of everything on Nordstrom is to regularly check in on the new-arrivals section. It's here I spot some of the best products before anyone else simply because I'm willing to take the time to go through it all. 

Well, I am here to report that this week's new arrivals are truly a step above the rest. The items that I found are so cute, so fresh, and definitely worthy of a place in your closet. Whether you're looking for some new lounge attire or are currently stocking up on "regular" clothes to throw on the second we are able to sit outside at a restaurant with all of our friends again, this roundup will make you feel some type of way. I'm sure of it. 

I just ordered this corset tank in both colors. 

These bike shorts are bound to bring you so much joy. 

Finally, the perfect pair of tailored long shorts.

Admit it. You're weirdly kind of into these. 

The front is cute too but not as cute as the back. 

Just the right amount of wild. PS: This is the same brand that Alyssa is wearing in the opening image of this story. 

If you haven't tried Skims yet, now is the time. 

Even though linen pants wrinkle easily, they will always be my favorite thing to wear in the summer. 

Yes, this little black summer dress is perfect. 

These with loose jeans and a white tank will be your new favorite outfit in no time. 

Just wait. The matching pants are even cuter.

I can't explain why, but I need this.

The $11 tube top I never knew I needed.

Showing you the back because once again, I feel it's more important. 

This is the kind of shirt that will never go out of style. 

Sometimes shoes just make you feel things.

Levi's ribcage jeans are my favorite jeans by a landslide. 

These remind me of my days as a youth. Therefore, I will be buying them again now.

The perfect sandals to wear with just about everything. 

Now that we're entering into warmer months, your sweatpants might get a little too toasty to wear 24/7, so try these instead. 

Wear these with cute little ankle socks and a gold chain anklet.

Your everyday hoops just got a subtle but exciting update. 

I'm just out here trying to be a hip TikToker. 

This blazer dress fits better than any others I've ever tried on. I know this because I own it.