7 Fashion Brands I Just Discovered—and How I'm Wearing Each


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As a digital fashion editor, I'm introduced to a dizzying number of fashion brands each month. But to be honest, only a few of these new discoveries will catch my eye and even fewer will land in my own wardrobe. (What can I say? Being picky comes with the territory.) So even though I'm always on the hunt for new fashion designers to feature in my Who What Wear stories, it takes a brand that's as wearable as it is cool for me to add it to my own outfit mix—and the following seven labels have nailed that tricky balance.

Uncovering these brands has made getting dressed that much more exciting for me, so I'm sharing them here in the hopes that they might do the same for you. In the below lineup, you'll discover the comfortable shoe brand I've been wearing to the office nonstop and the vintage-inspired sweatshirts that are making me question how I ever traveled before without them. Keep reading to find out why I'm obsessed with these seven new fashion brands, see how I'm wearing them, and then shop my favorites from each.

Manu Atelier


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Manu Atelier's ankle boots have quickly risen to the top of my priority list this fall. The Duck Boots, in particular, are the perfect addition to my jeans, and on-trend details like the square toe and lace-up front have earned me tons of compliments.

Low Classic


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Low Classic is an emerging South Korean label whose tailored blazers, loose trousers, and leather staples immediately caught my eye. Each piece has a timeless—but never boring—quality to it, making the label perfect for putting together one of the coolest capsule wardrobes in existence. I already own a pair of its trousers, but I might have to add these faux-leather cargo pants to my closet next.



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I was immediately drawn to Altaire's super-structured bag shapes and cool, sleek detailing. Once I saw that Shopbop had picked up the brand (a huge stamp of approval for a brand-new label), I knew it was only a matter of time before the rest of the fashion world would follow suit.

Little High, Little Low


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I've grown so accustomed to wearing the crew-necks from Little High, Little Low when I travel that now I won't even step onto an airplane without it. It's my go-to layer to combat the chilly plane temperatures, and it's also the kind of item I usually end up reaching for whenever I want another cozy layer. The brand's owner is a meticulous vintage curator, so even though these crew-necks are technically new, each one is carefully washed and dyed to get that perfectly worn-in look and feel of genuine vintage.



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The dreamy floral prints and voluminous sheer pieces are what caught my eye from this Scandinavian-designed, Paris-based brand. Its Celine Dress—a ruched watercolor-print midi dress—has been making the rounds on fashion insiders' Instagram feeds, and since it's carried on Revolve, I think it's only a matter of time until the brand everywhere. But that said, their new drop of sleeker pieces like the above leather trench coat have been quickly winning me over.



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I lament using the term effortless to describe clothes since it's so overused in fashion, but this is an instance where it feels justified. With an emphasis on breezy cotton pieces that make you look like you just stepped off of a boat and onto a Greek island, Johansen creates the kind of, well, effortless pieces you'll always reach for. 

Essen the Label


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Comfortable shoes (that don't compromise style) are hard to come by, so I was impressed by Essen, whose shoes have a timeless quality about them with certain details that make them feel more forward.

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