This New Feel-Good Pant Trend Is Seriously Amazing

If you want to wear something sassy on your lower half, chances are you're going to opt for a flirty skirt or some sort of statement denim, but that's all about to change. A brand new pant style has recently surfaced that online retailers are clearly huge fans of. The silhouette is a fresh take on cropped trousers with an unexpected frilly hem that will put you in the best mood every time you wear them. 

With the hems being the stars of the show here, you better believe that they deliver a huge wow-factor. Some retailers are stocking dozens of pairs with ruffle hems in all shapes and sizes, whether that be with a delicate barely-there trim or a large architectural confection that just grazes your ankles. Others are priding themselves on pant hems finished with pom-poms, fringe, and ruching. Ahead, we give you cold, hard proof that this pant trend is taking over the Internet as well as the pairs we think will completely win your hearts. 

Keep reading to shop the new pant trend that is everywhere right now! 

Stand out and turn heads with these dazzling trousers. 

"Go hard or go home" has never been expressed more in a pair of pants. 

Cropped and ruffled bottoms are the only way to go this fall. 

The ruffled hem on these beige trousers adds a feminine touch. 

Swap your go-to black trousers for this subtle purple shade. 

A white T-shirt has never looked so good thanks to these trousers. 

The scrunched ruffle complements the straight silhouette of  this style. 

We can guarantee you won't come across anyone else wearing these pants. 

The floral embellishment is a subtle but chic addition to your everyday slacks. 

Channel the fiery spirit of a Spanish flamenco dancer with this spicy hem.

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Opening Image: Collage Vintage 

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