The Only Belt Bag We Need in Our Wardrobes RN

The fashion world was saddened by the recent news that Christopher Bailey would be leaving Burberry after 17 years. Before the iconic designer took his final bow, he was kind enough to bestow upon us a parting gift: the belt-bag.

The functional, chic offering was inspired by the trench coats that are now synonymous with the London fashion house, making the bag a verifiable piece of fashion history. Seeing as we've already spotted celebrity after celebrity donning the sleek leather style, we know it's going to sell like hotcakes.

Yes, the juxtaposition of a classic silhouette with modern accents has us feeling certain we've spotted the next It bag in the making—one that'll be around for years to come. Keep reading to see why we're adding Bailey's bag to our shopping carts.

The iconic Burberry trench coat is and always has been a staple in the fashion girls wardrobe. Think about how stylish (and timeless) the coat looks every you see a style setter tie the belt around her waist. This bag is meant to give you the same kind of glamour.

This new It bag has a distinct shape influenced by the lapels and soft movements of the classic trench that's immediately recognizable to those in the know. And thanks to the wide range of colorways, there's a bag out there to suit every mood. Best of all, the shape makes it easy to fit all of your necessities into—we like to think of it as the ultimate work-and-play bag.

Spring is (almost) in the air, so why not brighten things up a bit via a bright white bag with a pop of color? Here, rich olive against stark white and bright yellow makes the perfect style statement, even (or, rather, especially) when worn with your go-to all-black workweek uniform.

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