Yes, You Can Pull Off the Neon Trend This Fall

Neon outfits for fall



Whether you protested its return earlier this summer or you embraced it with open arms, neon has become a full-on color trend for the fall, and you might be surprised when you start seeing it everywhere. During the time of year where everyone swaps out their summer hues for deeper jewel tones and neutrals with the change in seasons, garishly bright neon outfits are a refreshing and welcomed contrast.

If you haven’t touched the neon color palette since you were drawing with a Laser Lemon Crayola marker circa 1994, we get it—wearing blinding colors as an adult can be intimidating… But it can be done. To prove our point, we pulled together the coolest ensembles featuring neon that are perfect for fall. Whether you just want to add a touch of fuchsia or are ready to go head-to-toe, we guarantee there’s a neon outfit for you. Check them out below.

How to wear neon



Go with an ’80s-inspired ensemble and wear bold and colorful accessories with your neon.

Simple neon outfit



Layer a neon turtleneck under a neutral-hued dress for a look won’t feel too bright.

A pair of neon pants with a simple white tee will always look good.

Looking for a going-out top? A hot pink top with a leopard-print skirt will feel just right.

We can't get enough leopard print, can you?

Coordinate your sheer top with a pair of bright neon.

Bright neon outfit



If you’re wearing a head-to-toe neon look, accessorize with simple white pieces.

Green and blue neon outfit



There are color combos that will always look good together. Neon green and blue is one of those combinations.

Tibi always makes the coolest pieces.

If you’re just getting started with neon, try a tonal outfit with fuchsia and red.

Neon outfit with pastel



Let your bright neon top stand out by pairing it with a more toned-down color like lavender. 

Try wearing two of fall’s biggest trends together; you won’t regret it.

Neon pink jumpsuit outfit



A neon jumpsuit is the perfect and easy way to get into the trend. Complement it with a pair of sparkly heels.

Lime green neon outfit



Love a specific color? Try wearing a monochromatic outfit with featuring the hue. 

Pair a neon dress with neon sandals to complete the look.

You’ll definitely catch someone’s attention in this.

Neon skirt outfit



Let your neon skirt be the hero of your outfit and style it with simple pieces like a black tee.

A black T-shirt will always look good.

Finish off neon ensemble with a pair of cool white combat boots.

Sporting this bright trend isn’t so hard after all.