This Bag Trend Is So Weird It Hurts—in a Good Way

We observe the lifecycle of a lot of trends here at Who What Wear. Sometimes it's easy to tell if a trend will take off right from its start, but other times we're a bit unsure. Usually, that is due to an extreme level of forwardness, lack of practicality, and overall unusualness. Well, friends, we have some news for you today: This next trend we're here to report on is exactly all of those things—in a good way—and after careful observation, it's finally "made it." We are proud to introduce you to the necklace bag, a trend so weird it hurts. 

This fall handbag trend is exactly what it sounds like, which is essentially wearing a bag around your neck. Don't worry. These carrynothings (get it? instead of carryalls?) are light as a feather and honestly teeter the fine line between necklace and bag—a sentence I truly never thought I would have to type. Thanks to cult brands like Jacquemus and Gabriela Hearst that eased us into the trend, we were pleasantly surprised to see dozens of other designers follow suit and churn out necklace bags of all kinds for the season ahead. 

Here, we have rounded up a few ways fashion girls are styling the trend on Instagram in addition to a selection of necklace bags for you to shop ahead. If you've been looking for something to spice up your fall wardrobe, necklace bags are your best and easiest bet. But don't expect them to hold a lot. 

See how people are styling the trend on Instagram:

Shop 21 of our favorites:

Be prepared to see a few of these. We couldn't choose just one.

There are tons more colors where this came from.

When Zara jumps on a trend, you know it's legit. 

This one is super lightweight—something to consider when you're wearing a bag around your neck.

This one easily doubles as a chic crossbody bag. 

Knot the strap to adjust the length but also to add some fun styling pizzazz. 

One for the sporty gals out there. 

Per usual, Zara's comin' in hot with the on-trend accessories. 

Yes, your chain will in fact hang low. (Sorry, had to.)

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