5 Summer Trends to Retire, and Their Fall Counterparts to Adopt

In case you hadn't noticed, we've been talking a lot about fall 2019 trends, and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon. After all, when it comes to trends, everyone absorbs them differently. Some people love learning about exciting new must-haves in one massive batch, while others need time to warm up to the idea of a seasonal wardrobe shift.

If you ask me, one of the easiest ways to navigate the latter is by specifying which pieces in your closet you're going to replace in an effort to make room for the new ones. Ahead, I did exactly that for you: Here, you'll find a list of summer trends you should retire by the time fall 2019 is in full swing, plus five fall trends you can easily replace them with.

For example, if you've been living in Tevas all summer and are ill at the thought of giving them a rest, we have a fall 2019 shoe trend that will do the same thing your Tevas did for you (but in a more weather-appropriate way). Get the picture? Trust me, swapping out the five trends ahead will have your wardrobe feeling fresh for the shift in weather.

Retire: Sporty Sandals
Adopt: Chunky Soles

Teva and Teva-inspired sandals took center stage this summer, and for good reason. The shoes are comfortable, practical, and on trend all at once. If you lived in this shoe style all summer, we have the perfect fall alternative for you—chunky-soled shoes and boots. Since the style is still so new, there aren't tons of photos of influencers wearing them, but trust me: Come fall, these will be the It shoes.

If your jewelry looks like you got it on while on vacation, it may be time to put it to the side, at least for a little while. Instead, swap in chunky chains. The runways presented chains as one of the biggest accessory trends, but I particularly liked it in the form of jewelry. Wear a chain choker, ring, or bracelet in place of any shell you currently own and you'll be looking so on trend it hurts.

Retire: Fruit Prints
Adopt: Houndstooth

We touched on houndstooth a bit here, but we're predicting that this print trend will be to fall as tie-dye was to summer—massive. Since tie-dye is a trend that will carry on into fall, we figured the second-best summer trend to swap houndstooth out for is fruit prints. Be it on outerwear, a dress, or even accessories, wearing houndstooth will be one of the biggest indicators that you have officially done your fall shopping.

Retire: Bike Shorts
Adopt: Cargo Pants

Bike shorts seem to be the trend that keeps on giving, but according to me, its life span has lasted a bit too long. I get their convenience in the summertime, but once fall hits, I anticipate fashion girls swapping in cool trousers instead. And by cool trousers, I mean cargo pants, which fit with the military theme we saw in many F/W 19 collections. While capes and full-on utility jumpsuits are the more forward way to wear the trend, cargo pants are the easiest.

Since I know you love shoes, I figured why not throw one more shoe trend in here for you? This fall, put all your thong sandals (both heeled and rubber) aside, for there are much chicer shoe options on the horizon. Specifically, square-toe silhouettes. The square-toe sandal is a shoe trend we're already seeing blow up all over Instagram, but once the temperatures drop, it's square-toe pumps that will rule. Do yourself a favor and buy a pair sooner rather than later.