The Risqué Report: Where to Shop For All Those Wild Trends Everyone's Wearing



Considering the fact that most people have been dwelling in nothing but sweatpants and oversize clothing for a year, the rapid rise of "naked" trends this spring really caught us by surprise. Noting such editorial trends on the runway is one thing, but seeing each and every one of them come to fruition in real life is another. Already we've seen everything from built-in G-strings to barely-there mini skirts pop up on celebrities and influencers alike proving the power of this new risqué movement. 

If you're the least bit curious as to what it feels like to wear one of these new risque trends then you've come to the right place because I've shopped out some of my favorites for you below. Featuring splurge-worthy pieces and a few steals, this risqué shopping guide reports on the most forward "naked" trends of the moment, so pay attention and enjoy. 


G-strings are the one trend we weren't 100% certain would take off but the celebrity coverage and current increase in market selections says otherwise. These built-in thongs are risky for sure, but what's life without a little drama? 

Crazy Cutouts

Cutouts began to rise in popularity and now they have reached new heights. What started as a slit here and an exposed side there has now transformed intl crazy cutout contraptions that are a site for sore eyes. 

Micro Minis

Hemlines are officially raising the bar. This spring, skirts couldn't be shorter so get ready for your legs to really take center stage this season. 

See-Through Fabrics

Not into cutouts and G-strings but still want to bare it all? Then sheer fabrics are the answer for you. From tops to slinky slips, this see-through moment will leave nothing to the imagination. 

Bare Backs

Basically, the less you have covering your back, the better. From the front, it's business as usual, but from the back, you'll really be giving them a show.