It-Bag Alert! 3 of Our Editors Just Walked in With This Basket

You know an item is a big deal when fashion editors are proud to all wear it at the exact same time—think back to last year when the front row was a lineup of Gucci loafers or in 2013 when Mansur Gavriel bucket bags were in every editorial meeting. My latest purchase is a square basket bag from Muuñ with a striped pouch tying into a large decorative bow, and it turns out I'm not alone. Who What Wear UK's Editorial Director, Hannah Almassi, and the President of Digital at CMG, Alex Taylor, both also brought Muuñ bags to work this week, proving that the Muuñ obsession has struck both our London and our Los Angeles offices.

So what is Muuñ, you ask? The label, which has just this month been picked up by Net-a-Porter, specialises in Instagram-worthy basket bags, which are hand-woven in Ghana, and then adorned with bows and finishing touches in an atelier in Paris. Just like the Mansur Gavriel bucket bags, these can't be restocked fast enough, as they have sold out at Matches, Net-A-Porter and Moda Operandi. The price point is reasonable, too, as they start from around the £100 mark. So there's a good chance one of us is already buying her second…


(Image credit: Who What Wear UK)

The Who What Wear editors with their Muuñ bags.

They might be sold out on plenty of sites, but there are still some left for grabs on Muuñ's own site. Scroll below to shop our edit of the best Muuñ bags to buy now.

Emma Spedding