17 Chic Items Fashion Editors Would Buy From IKEA

Do the words "spring cleaning" mean anything to you? The impending change of season is the perfect excuse to do an inventory of your home (and make some practical upgrades while you're at it). Of course, there's pretty much no place better to look for affordable home items than IKEA, whether you want to finally get rid of your wire hangers or find a sleek storage solution for all of your new shoe purchases. To help you source through the retailer's overwhelming selection, I tapped my fellow editors to offer their expert picks.

Our editor in chief, Kat Collings, has some ideas if you're looking to organize your necklaces and miscellaneous items like buttons and safety pins—for a mere $25, I might add. Meanwhile, managing editor Kristen Nichols found the perfect #OOTD mirror, and market editor Nicole Eshaghpour sourced the ideal coat rack to avoid cluttering your entryway. Scroll down to see all the items our fashion and beauty editors would buy at IKEA—your home will thank you. 

"Every winter, our apartment suddenly starts overflowing with coats. This stand might just help me keep them off of all our chairs!"

"I've found myself with a few too many pairs of shoes these days, and while I hate having to stack them, these boxes will not only keep them organized but will also protect them from getting ruined."

"I would use these pretty coordinated containers to hold safety pins, extra buttons, and fashion tape."

"Perfect for hanging the necklaces you wear every day."

"I like to pack away seasonal items in storage boxes that I slide under my bed."

"Wire hangers are not a good look, guys. These chic solid wood hangers will do your clothes justice." 

"This mini ironing board is perfect for small-space dwellers because it can be hung in a hallway closet." 

"I can personally attest that this floor-length mirror is perfect for outfit selfies since I have it in my apartment. Here's the evidence."

"I love this brass tray for organizing beauty products and candles."

"I love hoarding candles and have a specific weakness for this combo of lavender, honey, and wood."

"I love succulents because they're an easy and low-maintenance way to add a pop of green and decoration to any space."

"I'm currently looking to spruce up my bedroom side table, and this cool brass clock will definitely be replacing my boring digital one."

"I have this thing with plates! These vintage-looking floral side plates will add charm and interest to my dining table for upcoming dinner parties."

"Extra storage? A place to put my current favorite garments on display? Or better yet, both."

"One of the defining characteristics of my apartment is the myriad of houseplants that greet you upon entry. This watering can is both functional for obvious reasons is also chic and fun to look at. Win-win."

"During the winter, I find that I end up throwing my coats everywhere instead of shoving them back into my closet. Yes, I know—horrible habit. I want these wall hooks to hang right inside my doorway so I can hang the coats that I wear the most like a normal person."

"I love having blankets all over my apartment. This one is the perfect subtle background addition to any mirror outfit pic I may take in my room and certainly looks cozy."

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