The Least and Most Popular Wedding Dress Styles, According to Bridal Buyers

When it comes to choosing a wedding dress, It trends perhaps only play a small part in the decision-making on such a personal, special garment. But as with everything else that ebbs and flows—jean silhouettes, bag sizes, heel heights—there are some common themes around what’s popular right now across the bridal market, as well as what’s not. And no one is better equipped to speak to the least and the most popular wedding dresses better than the experts below.

Gathering insight from bridal buyers and store owners, we were able to deduce that, when it comes to wedding day style, many brides are forgoing over-the-top fussiness for designs that are more understated and practical, even. Perhaps unsurprisingly, traditional wedding fabrics like lace continue to be a fan favorite. Keep scrolling for all the wedding dress styles experts say brides-to-be can’t get enough of.