The 23 Best-Reviewed Sweaters, Jeans, and Boots on All of Nordstrom

Best Nordstrom Reviews


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When you're on the hunt for a new pair of boots, how do you decide which ones to buy? Perhaps you consult your friends, browse Instagram, or head over to Who What Wear (good idea). All of these are excellent approaches, but there's one method I especially swear by: shopping based on reviews. I'm the type of person who doesn't see a movie without checking out its Rotten Tomatoes score, so you can bet I don't buy clothes or shoes without peeking at online reviews.

I singled out Nordstrom because it happens to have one of the most robust review systems out of my favorite retailers. Thousands of shoppers have taken the time to comment on their purchases, giving future buyers an idea of what to expect when they spend their hard-earned cash. Below, I've rounded up the sweaters, jeans, and boots with the most positive reviews to make your next purchase easy as pie. 


So basic and so necessary. 

In a sea of navy and black sweaters, stand out in this beautiful seafoam green. 

Is it just me, or does this have the best product name of all time? 

Go monochrome, and pair this sweater with a camel coat and tan trousers. 

Hundreds of reviews can't be wrong about this cozy Madewell cardigan. 

This sweater also comes in blue, off-white, brown, and black. 


These jeans have the highest number of reviews on Nordstrom, so you can't go wrong. 

These skinny jeans are totally classic. 

Black jeans are a great choice for the office because they can easily pass for trousers. 

Slouchy jeans are perfect for the weekend. 

I personally love AG jeans and have been wearing them for years. 

These jeans are the ideal mix of slim and straight. 


Over 3000 Nordstrom shoppers love these boots, which also come in brown. 

These are perfect for teaming with skinny jeans. 

Timberland boots are iconic for a reason. 

These are the gold standard for snow boots. 

Channel your inner Kate Moss at Glastonbury in Hunter rain boots. 

These shorter versions are also worthy of Ms. Moss. 

The lug soles make these boots particularly durable. 

These great lace-up boots also come in black. 

None other than Heidi Klum owns these shoes in the white version. 

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