The Surprising Ankle Boots That Are Way More Comfortable Than My Sneakers

While planning my outfits for London Fashion Week, I purchased the below ankle boots to wear with a few of my looks. I wasn’t sure how they’d fit or if I quickly regret wearing a heeled option for a day of running around from shows. Turns out the sock-style boots were the most comfortable pair of shoes I packed for the entire trip. I wore them on day one, and then swapped sneakers for day two, and while I assumed the sneakers would be a comfortable option, I ended up coming home with several blisters.

Back to the boots, the shoes basically feel like you’re wearing a pair of simple heels with stretchy fabric wrapped around your ankle for added support—I can’t recommend them enough. They are the perfect affordable option if you’re looking to add a trend-driven style to your wardrobe. Shop the ankle boots that are way more comfortable than my sneakers below, plus more black boots at the end.