Are Your Shoes Making You Look Older?

Believe it or not, not every aging fashion item is near your face. We've discussed colors that can age you and a very specific shirt style that one editor (me) avoids after 30. But what about shoes? Sure, of what you wear every day, physically they're the farthest thing from your face, but the impact that they have on your outfit as a whole is significant. Below, we've pinpointed a few shoe styles we think have the highest look-aging potential, but that's not to say that you should flat-out stop wearing them if you love them. (This especially applies if you're wearing the shoes with something especially youthful like, say, denim cutoffs or a romper.) But in general, if you're in doubt, these five shoe styles are best avoided if you're seeking a more youthful look.

Read on to find out which shoes could be making you look older and then see and shop the styles we recommend wearing instead.