An Herbalist Explains the Best Crystals to Boost Your Mood


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Crystals are sparkly, colorful, and alluring without a doubt. They look gorgeous anywhere you sit them. But besides the exterior beauty, what can crystals do for you internally? A lot. "Crystals have powerful mood-boosting properties," says Andrea Barone, who is a chartered herbalist, reiki master healer, and founder of Crystal Hills, a crystal-infused skincare line.

In fact, mood-boosting crystals have been used for centuries. "The ancient Egyptians used a variety of crystals for various purposes such as healing, protection, and guidance," explains Barone. "Ayurvedic medicine in India has information on crystals to help with emotional and physical imbalances in the body. Throughout history, the use of crystals can be found in various cultures. Furthermore, the importance of gemstones for our well-being is even referenced in the Bible, where they often symbolize health and godliness."

Barone notes that more recently, crystals have been used in the practice of elevating someone's mood if there is an area that's out of alignment. "Crystals can align and heal the subtle energy channels of the body," says Barone. "It's also believed that crystals are able to offer vibrational healing, based on the idea that everything has its own unique vibrational frequency. When a crystal is placed near a person's energy field, the unique vibrational properties of the crystal transfers to the body, creating balance where needed."

We're all human, which means we have a lot of moods. Feeling some type of way at this very moment? There's a crystal that will elevate your frequencies. Her advice when searching for crystals is to not overthink it. "Initially, it is a good idea to look for crystals that you are intrinsically drawn to, as we inherently know what is good for us. For instance, a certain crystal may catch someone's eye, as their inner guidance knows that it can assist them with a particular situation in their life," she says. Barone shares every mood-boosting crystal to keep close below.

When you're feeling anxious…

"When I'm feeling anxious, I usually gravitate toward lithium quartz, amethyst, and lepidolite crystals to calm me down," says Barone.

Lithium quartz: "It's a fairly rare crystal, and the Lithium ions make it unique. The powerful yet gentle vibrations of these crystals offer emotional peace and can give one the feeling of waves of calm flowing through the body. This is an excellent crystal for those who experience anxiety, worry, fear, self-doubt, and stress. Lithium quartz can relieve stress-related imbalances in the body, clearing disharmony and even soothing panic or anxiety attacks. This crystal is quite useful for both children and adults to relax and unwind at the end of their day, and helps to achieve a restful sleep," Barone says.

Amethyst: "This is a purple type of quartz that is primarily found in hues of light violet to deep purple. This crystal is known to induce calmness and tranquility while improving concentration. Holding an amethyst crystal can also reduce a nervous headache, as it can relax the mind. In the evening, keeping an amethyst crystal near your bed or under your pillow can help you attain a restful night's sleep, as it quiets an overactive mind. These crystals are also known to be protective against negative energies and can help safeguard you from recurring nightmares," Barone says.

Lepidolite: "This helps to instill calmness, relaxation, and serenity. It is a great crystal to carry with you when you are undergoing challenging moments in life, such as a change in relationship or job status, financial stresses, or when facing difficult situations. It aligns you with the frequency of balance and transformation when you are going through a transition. Lepidolite has a reputation for reducing anxiety and worry, calming frayed nerves, and releasing tension. The soothing properties of this stone can help with sleep disturbances and help prevent nightmares. For this purpose, it is an exceptional crystal for children and can especially help those with more sensitive emotional natures," Barone says.

When you're feeling happy…

"I have to say that usually when people are feeling happy, they typically do not seek out crystals to boost their mood," explains Barone. "However, they may seek out crystals for other purposes, like health concerns, attracting prosperity, or love. So for this, I would suggest clear quartz, as it is an all-around beneficial crystal for everyone."

Clear quartz: "This has a high vibrational frequency and is able to amplify the power of other crystals. It heightens spiritual awareness and assists with the manifestation of your desires and wishes, which is why some people say the crystal can be 'programmed with your intention.' Clear quartz has been highly valued by spiritual leaders and healers through the ages as one of the world's most powerful healing crystals. This crystal harmonizes the body and removes any blockages, resulting in a more balanced energy," Barone says.

When you're feeling depressed…

"I find that if I'm feeling depressed, a selenite crystal lifts my mood," sharesBarone.

Selenite: "This has quite a high vibrational frequency and a number of people can feel the energy when holding it. Some may feel a warm or tingly sensation, whereas others say that it feels like a wave of calming and tranquil energy washing over them. This beautiful, luminous-looking crystal is said to create a peaceful and enlightened state while relaxing the body and mind. This crystal clears congested energies or negativity from one's energetic field. It can bring a rapid shift of energy and replace negative energy or emotional turmoil to lift one's spirit," Barone says.

When you're feeling like you need to be inspired…

"A couple of crystals come to mind for bringing about inspiration, including citrine and rhodonite," notesBarone.

Citrine: "This is a lovely crystal that is said to carry the power of the sun with it and imparts happiness into your life. It is an excellent crystal to inspire you while simultaneously increasing your energy and motivation. Working with citrine is known to increase one's self-esteem and self-confidence. Citrine is known for being a stone of abundance, thus manifesting and attracting prosperity into your life. The energies of citrine crystals encourage a positive attitude and rejuvenate your spirit," Barone says.

Rhodonite: "This is a deep pink crystal with dark or black inclusions that is known for fostering the energy of love and having a stimulating effect on self-expression. It is an excellent crystal to meditate or work with when trying to determine one's inner gifts or life purpose. It helps us along the path of self-discovery, working toward the fulfillment of our aspirations. After we discover our gifts, skills, or special abilities, we can figure out how to use those talents for the highest good. The vibration of this crystal can realign us with a sense of self-worth and self-love, ultimately aiding us in attracting the right people or situations into our lives that will help us on our journey," Barone says.

When you're feeling sad…

Rose quartz: "This is definitely a must-have crystal for those who are experiencing sadness in their life. This crystal offers gentle healing to soothe emotional wounds and sadness. When dealing with matters of the heart that involve loss or lovesickness, rose quartz is truly beneficial, as it aids the heart chakra. This beautiful rosy-pink colored crystal reminds us to love ourselves and fosters a state of mind that is conducive to inner peace, acceptance, self-worth, compassion, and sensitivity. Rose quartz is known for lifting up our vibration to the pure energy of unconditional love and supports an individual's commitment to willingly release emotional pain, resentment, and feelings of guilt or loss," Barone says.

When you're feeling like you need some good luck…

"Certain crystals are known for helping people achieve their goals and aspirations," saysBarone.

Moss agate: This is known to foster abundance and good luck. When we hold this crystal, we can envision our aspirations and know that the energy of these intended desires will be magnified. "I included this crystal with green aventurine, often known as the stone of opportunity, and a few other crystals into Crystal Hills Crystal Harmony Crystal Collection pack ($28). I have received a lot of great feedback on how this crystal combination helped people achieve their goals," Barone says.


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