15 Monochrome Outfits That Are Anything But Boring

Have more and more pastel- and bold-colored pieces started to infiltrate your closet lately? If you answered yes, then we're on the same page. In a not-so-distant past, our unfaltering chic styling hack was a black or white monochrome outfit. However, with this shift in trend, we've taken a liking to going out of our color box and taking monochrome to a whole new level. Sure, our trusty neutrals still make the cut, but now some of our most eye-catching monochrome ensembles are when we aren't afraid to bring new shades into the mix.

So taking style cues from some of our favorite Insta style stars, we sorted through the best monochrome outfits that are anything but boring. Keep scrolling to see the looks we'll be re-creating all summer.

Hello, new summer wardrobe!