Six Hours Later, I Found the Best Minaudière Clutches on the Internet


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There is no denying that the last year has fostered a newfound appreciation for an evening out. Now more than ever, we're craving glam. We're craving the feeling of dressing up in our most extravagant ensembles and hitting the town. Enter the minaudière. Perhaps the most glamorous bag family, the minaudière clutch is the true belle of the ball. 

Originally designed by luxury jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels in 1930 and inspired by American socialite Florence Gould, the minaudière has become a symbol of elegance. And before we reveal our favorite minaudière clutches, let's clarify what exactly makes a minaudière a minaudière.

What Is a Minaudière?

Simply put, the minaudière is a hard-cased evening bag typically made in oval, rectangle, or abstract silhouettes small enough to hold personal items like lipsticks or keys. Think over-the-top embellishments and stunning, dynamic shapes. Minaudière clutches were made for an evening out and designed to make a statement. 


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Minaudière vs. Clutch

When differentiating between a minaudière and a clutch, remember that minaudière clutches are more rigid, fanciful pieces—almost like works of art. And minaudière clutches are designed to carry the bare minimum, whereas clutches were created to quite literally be clutched under the arm. Clutches are softer, come in a vast range of sizes and fabrications, and can be worn beyond a night out. 

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