Midwestern Women Are Giving These Fall Trends a Hard Pass

Our resident southern editor has been reporting on the trends women of the South are skipping this fall, and as someone who has extended family in the Midwest, I thought we’d also give the Central Time Zone a little love too. To find out the trends they are and aren’t into this season, I took to my IG story and polled all the stylish Midwesterners in my audience. Their responses weren’t 100% uniform, as can be expected when canvassing an area that crosses thousands of miles, but there were some clear wins and equally hearty “hell nos.” One interesting factor that came into play: When choosing Midwestern clothing styles, women from Wichita to Chicago have to consider things other locales do not (spoiler alert: The reality of harsh winters are definitely taken into account). Keep reading to see how this played out among their choices, as well as the wear-anywhere trends they’re loving and hating.

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