Midwestern Women Are Giving These Fall Trends a Hard Pass

Our resident southern editor has been reporting on the trends women of the South are skipping this fall, and as someone who has extended family in the Midwest, I thought we’d also give the Central Time Zone a little love too. To find out the trends they are and aren’t into this season, I took to my IG story and polled all the stylish Midwesterners in my audience. Their responses weren’t 100% uniform, as can be expected when canvassing an area that crosses thousands of miles, but there were some clear wins and equally hearty “hell nos.” One interesting factor that came into play: When choosing Midwestern clothing styles, women from Wichita to Chicago have to consider things other locales do not (spoiler alert: The reality of harsh winters are definitely taken into account). Keep reading to see how this played out among their choices, as well as the wear-anywhere trends they’re loving and hating.

HARD PASS: Tiger Print

Runway Fall 2018 Tiger Print


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“I just wouldn’t ever wear it. I prefer leopard I guess.” — Blakely from Kansas

“The tiger is a little too ‘fierce’ for me, and I’m already in a relationship with leopard print.” — Mackenzie from Kansas

“I can’t not see Tony the Tiger.” — Morgan from Wisconsin

“Animal prints are just not my jam.” — Lauren from Michigan

HELL YES: Fall Florals

“Florals for life, especially if they are dark and moody.” — Morgan from Wisconsin

“I like florals because I enjoy incorporating that feminine touch into my wardrobe.” — Mackenzie from Kansas

“I love floral, but I don’t love a cliché spring floral. This is a great option.” — Morgan from Indiana

“Florals are seasonless and great transition pieces.” — Patricia from Illinois

Runway Fall 2018 Valentino Floral Dress


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Available in sizes XS to L.

HARD PASS: Oversize Outerwear

Balenciaga Fall 2018 Red Oversized Puffer Jacket


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“I wouldn’t wear the oversize coat because I’m a petite girl and that would swallow me whole.” — Mackenzie from Kansas

“That oversize coat is too much. We get enough overdone winter as it is.” — Lauren from Michigan

“I love Balenciaga and Demna, but I just will never do a puffy coat! Too basic.” — Anonymous from Illinois

“Winters here are hard enough. Getting on the train wearing a massive coat would be miserable.” — Morgan from Wisconsin

Available in sizes FR 34 to FR 42.

HELL YES: Shearling

Tom Ford Fall 2018 Shearling Coat


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“Wearing shearling started for functionality and luxury, and even though I err on the side of maximalism, I still constantly return to functionality, especially when it feels luxe.” — Kinsley from Ohio

“Shearling is chic, cozy, and timeless.” — Patricia from Illinois

“Shearling is a classic and great for cold Midwest winters.” — Anonymous from Illinois

“I’m very on board with any trend that allows me to wear blanket-like fabric outside the house.” — Morgan from Wisconsin

Available in sizes 0 to 8.

Versace Fall 2018 Beret Leather Coat '80s Trend


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“Not an ’80s fan (maybe someday?). I do love the music.” — Lauren from Michigan

“I prefer soft colors and romantic silhouettes to neons and shoulder pads.” — Morgan from Wisconsin

“Minimalism is in. The ’80s was the rise of big hair and flashiness.” — Morgan from Indiana

“It’s a quicker cog in the fashion cycle than other classic styles.” — Kinsley from Ohio

Available in sizes 36 to 44.

HELL YES: Updated Tailoring

Givenchy Tailored Blazer Coat from Fall 2018


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“Plaid tailoring is sophisticated and something I could confidently wear to both work, happy hour, and a work dinner.” — Mackenzie from Kansas

“I love a modern twist on classic silhouettes. They’re so flattering!” — Morgan from Indiana

“Tailored looks exemplify proportion, which is another theme I constantly return to when styling. It creates hard lines, geometry, and points of aesthetic interest for the eye. Tailored pieces are crucial to my wardrobe.” — Kinsley from Ohio

“Any fresh update on tailoring that makes it practical for the office yet fashion-forward is a win.” — Anonymous from Illinois

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